Preparing Your Marketing for Ramadan – Part 2

Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Six-Part Series

Part 1: Ramadan Muslim Consumer Behavior

Part 2: Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Part 3: Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Part 4: Using Social Media to Gain Ramadan Buyers

Part 5: Mail and Email as Promoting Tools for Ramadan

Part 6: Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

Bonus: What the Ramadan Consumer Survey 2022 Says About Advertising to Muslims During the Holy Month

In part 1 of this series, we looked at Muslim consumer behavior during the month of Ramadan. In this article, we take a look at how to prepare your products and services for Ramadan so that you can:

  • Create a positive shopping experience
  • Set your business apart from its competitors
  • Catch the attention of the Muslim shopper
  • Entice them to buy your product or service

1. Special Ramadan Combinations

A great way to attract more buyers or clients is by combining products; i.e. giving away something for free. Think of the following formula:

  • free services with the purchase of your product, or 
  • free products with the purchase of a service.

For example, offer free installation, delivery, maintenance, etc. for household appliances or you may offer free Arabian perfume to customers at your Henna salon. If you can only provide one part of the deal, join forces with another local business that can provide the other part!

2. Limited-Time Coupons

At the peak of the Muslim shopping season, any Muslim consumer would love to have a discount or gift coupon. We confirmed this in the Ramadan 2022 Survey Report as seen below:

Ramadan discount and offers
Source: Ramadan 2022 Survey Report

Use such coupons with purchases to incentivize Muslim shoppers to return. Make sure they are redeemable all the way to Eid ul Adha (Eid of the pilgrimage that comes two months after Eid ul Fitr [the holiday after the end of Ramadan]).

You can use the following tactics to entice your customers to come back and use the coupon.

  1. Give coupons away that offer the customers a chance to use them on a once-in-a-lifetime deal and make sure this is highlighted.
  2. It’s best to define an exact end date instead of a period. Without this, your audience will take a chance that your offer will still be available when they check back. So a proper copy to emphasize the end date would be something like: “ offer ends on Friday 20th February at 12:00  AM C.E.T.”.
  3. Making the limited-time coupon feel personal is a great way to retain customers. Use call-to-action language on the coupon like: ”Claim Your Free Handbag”.

3. New Product or Service 

Introduce a new product or service during this season. Ramadan is a good time to experiment with new inventory since people are looking for shopping inspiration and new ideas. In fact, you can even go all out and call it “The Ramadan Edition”.

Just make sure that you are launching a product or service that is worthwhile. Put the focus on the Muslim consumers, not the product by emphasizing how the product or service benefits them.

Create a buzz well before the Ramadan launch. Start marketing to Muslim consumers by using companies like Muslim Ad Network. Get opinion leaders and influencers on board early. For example, a well-known Quran reciter talking about the launch of your new Quran-memorization app coming out in Ramadan can give you an enormous boost.

4. Ramadan Product Bundles 

Create branded gift packages based on your most popular products or services.

Yes! gift packages are not just for products. Bundle up services that Muslim customers can use throughout the year and make them easy for them to give away as gifts. 

Use messaging around giving a blessed, accepted, or enjoyable Ramadan with family and friends. You may even create names for each package, such as “Ramadan Survival Kit”.

Here are some product-bundling good practices that you can utilize:

  • Cross-selling
  • Upselling
  • Bundling fast and slow-selling products
  • Making sure inventory is kept up-to-date
  • Emphasizing the bundle savings
  • Offer bundles at the checkout

The combination of well-prepared products for Ramadan and an air-tight advertising campaign can yield some fantastic business results. Partner with Muslim Ad Network, the only advertising network specializing in targeting Muslim audiences efficiently to get the most out of this year’s Ramadan.

Read the full Ramadan Survey Report  2022 (no email or download required).

Ramadan 2022 Muslim Consumer Survey
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