Our story

The Idea Behind MAN

The idea behind Muslim Ad Network was born in early 2009.  It was conceived when its co-founder, Tabish Hasan, had a problem.  He was a website owner of a couple of popular Muslim websites, and as his websites grew, he wanted to monetize his traffic from online advertisements.  But the problem was that he was not satisfied with the existing options available, such as Google AdSense.

The Big Problem

The existing advertising options were not very good at filtering questionable ads from being shown to his Muslim audience. Muslim consumers have certain sensitivities where even “brand-safe” ads sometimes aren’t appropriate for them, and Muslim website owners can’t feel right earning money by showing “non-halal” ads.

Advertisers, on the other hand, struggled with being able to target Muslim consumers online.

They had to make 1-on-1 deals with individual sites for placements and were frustrated with Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. It was all time-consuming and expensive. Leads weren’t qualified and Cost Per Acquisition was too high.


The Unique Solution

Tabish talked to his co-founder, Saad Ahmad, who ran a popular Muslim blog at the time. It turned out he, along with almost every other Muslim publisher they spoke with, had the same problem.  Tabish and Saad started brainstorming ideas, combined their experience in publishing and online advertising, and decided to come up with their own solution. That was the start of Muslim Ad Network.

By creating Muslim Ad Network, advertisers now had the ability to reach millions of Muslims through a single central platform. No longer did they have to work out separate deals with multiple websites or get reporting from various sources just for a single marketing campaign.  No longer did they have to find round-about ways to get their messages in front of Muslim consumers.

It has now been over 10 years since the beginning of Muslim Ad Network. And the fact that MAN has helped hundreds of organizations reach over 250 million Muslims in 190 countries and served over 1 billion ads shows proof that this is a journey that was worth starting.

our values

Our core values determine how we develop our culture. We believe that every person who comes on board is part of that culture and is a reflection of MAN’s values.

Ihsan is an Islamic principle of excellence, with emphasis on doing things to the best of our ability, with discipline and good character.  Having the drive to continuously improve our processes and achieve a high level.

Our commitment to making a difference to lives is ingrained in our values. We try to give back to help charities continue with the incredible work they do.

To go above and beyond what our customer expects. Striving to deliver excellent service, so our customers stay with us and tell others about us.

To present ourselves in the best manner; reflect Muslims in the best light.

We want our team to enjoy what they do: your “work” should bring you joy.  We like to be seen as an exciting place to work and urge everyone to bring their fun side to work.

Everyone is a leader. The leader must “own” everything in their world; take responsibility and be accountable for their domain.

Collaboration is key.  We need to work as a team to reach our goals. No single individual; no matter how talented, can win a championship by themselves.  An individual can do things phenomenally but can never reach full potential unless done collectively.

We are not content to accept glossed over, high-level answers or directions and instead prefer to track down, understand, and remember all of the finer details.

We know time is valuable, which is why we encourage our team to use it wisely and make the greatest impact possible, in the shortest time available.

Not being afraid to think outside the box, explore new ideas and innovative. We welcome our team to take risks. We should not be scared of failure as long as we learn from it.

Our team

Tabish Hassan

Tabish Hasan

Saad Ahmad

Saad Ahmad
Managing Partner

alwi suleiman

Alwi Suleiman
Marketing Lead

alina afridi

Alina Afridi
Marketing & Client Success Manager

Remayda Buhari Putri

Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak

Ariana Abawe

Ariana Abawe
PR & Outreach

Ashraf Waheed Ansari

Ashraf Waheed Ansari
Web Developer

Maria Pangcoga

Maria Pangcoga

Abdullah Ansari
Business Development

Mardhiyya Barahim

Mardhiyya Barahim
Social Media Executive