Our Story

We started in  2010 when we realized the need for a dedicated Muslim consumer advertising network – one single advertising network to help businesses reach Muslim consumers online.



Our Vision

Being at the forefront in Muslim advertising and creating long-term partnerships.


Our Mission

Helping organizations connect with Muslim consumers online.

MAN Values

Our core values determine how we develop our culture.  We believe that every person who comes on board is part of that culture and is a reflection of MAN’s values.


Ihsan is an Islamic principle of excellence, with emphasis on doing things to the best of our ability, with discipline and good character.  Having the drive to continuously improve our processes and achieve a high level.

Giving Back

Our commitment to making a difference to lives is ingrained in our values. We try to give back to help charities continue with the incredible work they do.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

To go above and beyond what our customer expects.  Striving to deliver excellent service so our customers stay with us and tells other about us.


To present ourselves in the best manner; reflect Muslims in the best light.


We want our team to enjoy what they do: your “work” should bring you joy.  We like to be seen as an exciting place to work and urge everyone to bring their fun side to work.


Everyone is a leader. The leader must “own” everything in their world; take responsibility and be accountable for their domain.


Collaboration is key.  We need to work as a team to reach our goals. No single individual; no matter how talented, can win a championship by themselves.  An individual can do things phenomenally but can never reach full potential unless done collectively.


 Having meticulous attention to detail and ensuring every task is completed to the highest standard.

Sense of Urgency

We know time is valuable, which is why we encourage our team to use it wisely and make the greatest impact possible, in the shortest time available.

Embraces Challenges

Not being afraid to think outside the box, explore new ideas and be innovative.  We welcome our team to take risks even if it doesn’t work. We should not be scared of failure as long as we learn from them.

Engage Muslim Consumers

Our team

Tabish Hasan
CEO / Co-Founder

Saad Ahmad

Saad Ahmad
COO / Co-Founder

Shazia Syed

Shazia Syed
Chief Culture Officer

Mariam Jung
Sales Manager

alwi suleiman

Alwi Suleiman
Digital Marketing