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Why Your Halal Business Should Care About Digital Advertising Carbon Footprint

With the advent of digital advertising, marketers were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their environmental performance. Unlike print advertising, your digital advertising does not require any raw materials. Among many things, your halal ads do not necessitate cutting down trees to create paper or pumping hydrocarbons from the earth’s crust to make the ink. […]

The Inevitable Rise of Digital Advertising Continues

Digital advertising is the promotion of your brand or product through online channels. Social media sites, search engines, and news websites are the areas where digital advertising is most common. Digital advertising is first and foremost an important activity in terms of reaching a wide customer potential of a product or service in a short […]

Sustainable Modest Fashion and Muslim Consumers

One of the issues that has been on the agenda for those who have been interested in green marketing during the last few years is sustainability in fashion. What is sustainability and what are the steps taken by brands in this regard? Nowadays, terms such as sustainability, environmentalism, and recycling are frequently brought up. But […]