1.  About Muslim Ad Network (MAN)

1.1 What does MAN do?

Established in 2010, MAN is the world’s first and leading Muslim consumer advertising platform. Through MAN’s MuslimReach solution, advertisers have the ability to target online ads to millions of Muslim consumers on thousands of website and mobile apps

1.2 Why Should I Use Muslim Ad Network?

  • Build brand awareness and generate more sales from the Muslim community
  • Gain access to millions of Muslim consumers exclusively online not available through platforms like Google and Facebook 
  • Access to dedicated account support teams to maximize your campaign performance 
  • Keep things efficient and simple for your marketing team 

1.3 Can you tell me more about MuslimReach™ and how does it work?

MuslimReach is MAN’s flagship product that allows advertisers to reach millions of Muslims online on any device. Through MAN’s exclusive partnerships with leading Muslim websites, along with our unique access to 90% of the web’s traffic, we are able to combine cutting-edge ad targeting technology along with proprietary data to reach millions of Muslim consumers wherever they’re browsing online in the form of both rich display and video ads and any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV).  For more info about MuslimReach™, please refer to our Media Kit or contact your sales representative. 

  • In 2019 alone, MuslimReach helped companies reach over 4.5 million Muslims online
  • MuslimReach gets you in front of Muslim consumers more efficiently than Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter and AdSense combined.
  • Offers one single platform that gets your brand message in front of your targeted Muslim audience.

1.4  Where will my ads be seen? Which websites are in your network? 

MAN has exclusive and direct partnerships with approximately 100 Muslim websites and multiple ad exchanges.  Through our partnerships, proprietary technology and data, we have the ability to show your ads to millions of Muslims on dozens of Muslim websites/apps such as MuslimMatters.org, Zabihah.com, MuslimPro, and Ummah.com, along with thousands of mainstream sites and mobile apps such as CNN.com, Buzzfeed.com, Yahoo.com and more.

With our MuslimReach product, your ads will be shown to Muslim consumers wherever they are browsing online, on over 2,000+ websites and mobile apps. 

2. Rates and Fees

2.1.  How much does it cost? Is there a minimum budget?

MAN offers flexible pricing for advertisers based on various pricing models and budgets. No minimum spend is required for the CPC (click-based) campaigns  Campaigns based on impressions served (CPM), which are ideal to build brand awareness, generally start at a minimum of $500 per month. 

2.2 How do you price your ads? What types of advertising packages do you offer? 

You have the option to buy ads based on either impressions or clicks. We have predefined packages with CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates. We also offer flexible bid-based CPC options, where you define how much you want to pay per click.  Contact your sales rep or sales@muslimadnetwork.com for current rates and more information. 

2.3 What payment model do you work with?

MAN charges advertisers on a monthly basis. Based on the package purchased, advertisers will be billed accordingly. 

2.4 What is included in the setup fee?

MAN offers a white glove fully-managed service. Our ad ops team will handle your campaign setup, upload your banners to our platform and configure your campaign specific to your unique needs

2.5 Can you offer a discount?

We offer a 10% discount for non-profit organizations. Additional discounts are available for 6-12 month campaigns. 

2.6 Is there a contract? 

MAN offers flexibility, and doesn’t require a contract.  We believe our results speak for themselves and if an advertiser isn’t fully satisfied with their campaign’s performance they can cancel anytime. 

2.7 Do you recommend a minimum duration?

For best results and effectiveness, we suggest all campaigns be a minimum of 3 months. This allows MAN’s campaign support team to optimize and tweak the campaign month over month based on performance of the ads. However, if an advertiser would like to expedite their budget over a shorter period, MAN will accept that as well. 

2.8 What does impressions mean? 

The number of times your ad is displayed

2.9 What is the sponsored blog post?

  • We will post an article for you on MAN’s influential blog at muslimadnetwork.com/blog  
  • You will be able to draft the content to be posted 
  • You will be seen by key influencers within the Muslim community and various industries
  • You will also have a huge boost in your search engine rankings! MANs site is ranked highly with top search engines such as Google 

2.10 What is included in MAN’s Social Media Boost? 

  • Your message will get a further boost by tapping into MAN’s Social Media channels
  • We will promote your brand to thousands of key Muslims and influencers internationally which includes over 14,000 followers across Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Up to 4 Tweets via MAN’s Twitter handle and 1 Facebook post are included per month
  • You can provide draft message and include custom link for us to post 

3. Targeting and Advertising

3.1 What types of ad targeting does MAN offer? 

In addition to targeting Muslims in general, we can further target based on:
Gender, Age, Income, Language, Marital Status, Location, Device Type and even Interests

3.2 When does a campaign go live?

Once creatives (ad banners) are received by the advertisers, campaigns will be deployed with 24-48 hrs and scaled across the network over a period of days

3.3 Can I target Muslim consumers on mobile apps only?

 MAN offers device targeting along with in-app targeting. Ads will appear both on mobile apps and desktop devices. 

3.4 How frequently will my ads appear? 

Your ads will be served daily and paced according to campaign deliverables. For example, if you purchase 100,000 ad impressions, our platform will evenly distribute 100,000 ad impressions over 30 days. Similarly, if you purchase 100 clicks, we’ll deliver 100 clicks over the course of 30 days.  

4. Our Reach and Audience Demographics 

4.1 What is your audience reach?

MAN can reach over 225 million Muslims globally, and 4.5 million Muslims in the US, Canada, and UK. We target online Muslims on about 90% of the web.  Each of our recent campaigns have delivered ads to Muslims on over 2,000+ websites and mobile apps

4.2 How many Muslims will potentially see my ads? What is your audience reach? 

MAN reaches over 4.5 million Muslims in the US, UK, and Canada alone! Over 250m Muslims internationally are now available at your fingertips

The actual number is based on a variety of factors, most heavily on your campaign’s targeting parameters. The bigger budgets with less restrictive targeting are more likely to get more reach 

4.3 What kind of CTR (click-through rate) can be expected from your campaigns for CPM campaigns?

CTR varies from campaign to campaign and is influenced by a variety of factors. Historically, MAN has achieved a CTR of 0.1% for display ads compared to the industry average of 0.05%

5. Reporting

5.1 What kind of reporting & tracking do you offer? 

Our reporting will show you how many times your ad got shown (impressions), along with how many visitors we brought to your website (clicks).  We also offer conversion tracking along with standard reporting around total clicks, CTR (click through rate) and on total ad impressions delivered

5.2 How frequent does MAN offer reporting?

Currently, we provide monthly reports to advertisers with advanced reporting included in select packages 

5.3 What’s included in extended reporting?

With extended reporting, we can provide advanced analytics and insights such as conversion tracking and attribution, geo-targeting and demographic breakdown etc. You will also receive in-depth reporting on your campaign distribution, including sites and devices 

6. Creatives

What ad sizes (creatives) are required to start a campaign? 

We require 4 IAB standard ad banners to start advertising as captured below. The first number is the width of the banner while the second number is the height (in pixels): 

  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600
  • 320 x 50 (mobile) 

7. Work with MAN

7.1 Do you offer influencer marketing?

Yes, influencer marketing is offered in our premier packages. Please speak with a representative for more details on pricing

7.2 How do I become an advertiser?

Contact your sales representative or simply fill out our form https://www.muslimadnetwork.com/get-started/ and a representative will be in touch with you on next steps 

8. Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy?

MAN offers monthly plans with auto renewal. Advertisers are free to cancel after their first month if they are not fully satisfied with their ad performance.