Ramadan and the muslim consumer

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims fast by abstaining from food, water, amongst other things during the day in order to develop taqwa (consciousness of  Allah).

It also commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Fasting is a pillar of Islam and is obligatory on all adult Muslims who are healthy enough to observe it.

Ramadan not only brings the best out of the Muslims spiritually but also turns them into super-consumers. In fact, Ramadan is the third-biggest festival in the UK after Christmas and Easter.


…during Ramadan, traffic was up by 230%. And it’s not just users who are only looking, people are buying. The data indicates that conversion is up by 30% during Ramadan. As you might expect, social media is more active as well, primarily at night. The increase peaks at 3 am when it reaches 200%. There is also evidence that customer loyalty, evidenced by repeat online visits and purchases, increases substantially during Ramadan as well.

Source: Forbes from Webpals Group


About the Survey Report

This is a two-part survey report:

The first part of the survey report is based on interviews with 14 businesses and organizations that advertise to Muslim consumers.

For the second part of the report we surveyed over 200 Muslim consumers from the US, UK, and Canada about their preferences, attitudes towards brands, and purchase behavior for Ramadan 2022.


Ramadan 2022 Survey Results - Businesses and organizations

79% of the businesses and organizations we interviewed say that they actively and specifically advertise to Muslim consumers online.

Ramadan Ad spend



100% said that they will spend more on advertising to Muslim consumers online during Ramadan.

Ramadan campaigns

93% mentioned Facebook Ads as a channel they use to advertise to Muslims online.

Ramadan social media ads


50% of businesses and organizations say that they will increase spend on ads in Ramadan 2022 compared to Ramadan 2021. While another 50% will try out new ad platforms.

advertising in Ramadan 

93% mention Facebook as the social media channel that has given them the most organic engagement with Muslim users.

Ramadan social media


79% of the businesses and organizations say that their organic social media campaigns during Ramadan were somewhat successful.

Ramadan social media

43% of the businesses and organizations plan to advertise more on social media during Ramadan 2022. Another 43% wants to increase reach on social media. 

Ramadan 2022 social media

Businesses and organizations said the following brands do a good job engaging Muslims during Ramadan:

ramadan survey report

79% of the businesses and organizations said they are either going to or are contemplating working with Muslim Ad Network during Ramadan 2022.


advertise to Muslims in Ramadan

Ramadan 2022 Survey Results - Muslim Consumers

58% of Muslim consumers who responded to our survey plan to start shopping for Ramadan 2022 a month ahead.

Ramadan shopping stats


47% of respondents will buy products based on need, discount hunting, and gifts with equal importance.

Ramadan buying motivation


42% say that the current situation with COVID-19 will lead them to spend more during Ramadan 2022.

Ramadan 2022 and covid-19


92% of Muslim consumers who took part in the survey will actively be seeking Ramadan discounts and offers.

Ramadan discount and offers

50% say the product category they will spend most on during Ramadan 2022 is ‘Convenience products [groceries, food items, toiletries, etc.]

types of products bought during Ramadan

66% of Muslim consumers surveyed say that they are looking forward to shopping in person (in-store)  if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Ramadan covid-19 online vs in store shopping


56% mentioned that regarding purchasing products for Ramadan, they decide on the brands they will buy from beforehand.

Ramadan brands

92% of Muslim consumers mentioned that they are more likely to purchase from brands that have an understanding of their faith.

Brands must know about Islam

87% say that they are more likely to purchase from brands that engaged with them before Ramadan.

Ramadan consumer engagement


72% of Muslim consumers, according to our survey,  are keener to buy from Muslim brands during Ramadan in order to support them.

Ramadan Muslim brands

Top answers for the question: ” What brands have impressed you over the years during Ramadan and why?”

  • Walmart because of their many charity activities
  • Nike and Adidas, they have nice discounts
  • Rubicon, they always have a Ramadan deal
  • Amazon because of their great discount
  • Morrison’s and Tesco culture sections because they display a range of Ramadan products
  • Nike and Pepsi because they have truly stepped up and promoted equality
  • Ones that don’t pretend to care about me but actually do

Top answers for the question:” What’s the one thing that a brand can do differently during Ramadan 2022 that could convince you to buy?”

  • Support humanitarian charities that are doing work in Muslim countries
  • Make products more personal
  • Offer better deals, discounts, and bundle sales
  • Connect with communities that are harder to reach out to
  • Advertise to Muslims more and offer them a wider variety products and discounts
  • Keep the prices as low as possible
  • Give loyal customers exclusive discounts
  • Just keep pushing racial equality issues
  • Better representation of Muslims in a brand’s ads and commercials
  • Offer transparency in product ingredients
  • Offer discounted bulk items
  • Support small businesses run by minority groups
  • Consider products that bring family, friends, and communities together
  • Convince me with quality and safety
  • Offer halal-specific products
  • Reduce prices during the first week of Ramadan