Preparing Your Marketing for Ramadan – Part 6

Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

Six-Part Series

Part 1: Ramadan Muslim Consumer Behavior

Part 2: Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Part 3: Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Part 4: Using Social Media to Gain Ramadan Buyers

Part 5: Mail and Email as Promoting Tools for Ramadan

Part 6: Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

Bonus: What the Ramadan Consumer Survey 2022 Says About Advertising to Muslims During the Holy Month

The community has been an integral aspect of Muslim life and culture from the onset of Islam. There is no better time to amplify community activities for Muslims than in Ramadan.

Here are a few simple but impactful ways to create a community around your brand in Ramadan.

Organize a Family Activity

Host a family activity and invite members of the community to bring their kids in for a fun day or contest. Since it’s Ramadan, keep in mind that it should not be too close to iftar time, unless you are hosting iftar. 

Have some giveaways that are connected to your business. If that is not possible, give away branded gifts.

Not sure of where to start with family events? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Family Volunteer Day

A family volunteer day helps parents spend the day with their kids, the kids learn about the joy of helping others, and your organization gets exposure.

Family Green Day

“If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (sadaqah) for him.”

Source: Bukhari

Organize a plant-a-tree day to help your community become greener.

Cookery Day

Hosting a cooking event, especially baking will be a fun way of getting families in your community to engage with your brand. This one is definitely one for times close to iftar.

Support Local Charities  

Contribute a percentage of your profits, donate your products or services, or offer customers discounts when they contribute to the charity as well.

When supporting local charities and nonprofit organizations during Ramadan keep the following in mind:

Find a Good Match 

Work with a charity that is a good match to your business so that there is a common purpose. For example, if you are a food brand, you would want to work with your local food bank.

Support a Fundraising Event

This is a must-do because it is a highly visible way to support a charity. Your business can offer to collect donations at your offices or stores.

Get and Maintain Exposure

Your charitable efforts in the community during Ramadan should help you obtain meaningful exposure to influential people. Working with established nonprofits can get you connected to influential people in the community and beyond.

Do it for the Hereafter

Forget everything I said about influential people, exposure, and promoting your brand. Do it to please The Creator and He shall reward you here and when you are standing in front of Him on the day of judgment.

If your organization is a charity download the free Ramadan Charity Campaign Report:

Ramadan charity advertising.


Get your most energetic employees and together volunteer at a local food bank. Give back to your community and strengthen your relationships with the people that form it.

Helping the most vulnerable people in your community shows everyone that you care. This will increase your likeability. And as they say, “ people buy from people they like”.

No one wants to hand their precious dollars to some faceless corporation or sign a contract with someone they have never heard of..

We all want to buy from people and businesses we can trust. Spending your valuable time during Ramadan to help others will certainly raise your likeability profile.

Here are some quick and easy volunteer ideas:

Serve Seniors in your Community. 

You may volunteer at a nursing home, work with Meals on Wheels or help the elderly by doing their shopping at the local store.

Mentor Kids 

Create a program to help children from all walks of life. You can help guide them in everything from the completion of homework to major life choices like applying to college. 

Clean your Community

Litter and graffiti lower the quality of life for everyone in a community. By joining organizations committed to keeping the neighborhood clean, or organizing your own efforts with your employees, you help raise the quality of life in your community.

Lastly, remember that you may be promoting your business or organization but if you are a Muslim organization, you are also promoting Islam during the holy month of Ramadan.

For a complete strategy for marketing and especially digital marketing to Muslims during Ramadan please read all six parts of this series. We also advise you to contact us so we can help you with your specific Muslim and halal advertising needs during Ramadan and beyond.

Read the full Ramadan Survey Report  2022 (no email or download required).

Ramadan 2022 Survey Report

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