How does a Publisher benefit from joining Muslim Ad Network?

A publisher for Muslim Ad Network is any website that attracts the Muslim audience. Whether your website is a blog, portal, video streaming, news or halal restaurant review site, we’d love to have you join our network. Essentially, you will allow Muslim Ad Network to take care of your advertising inventory. All you have to do is serve ads and you’ll get paid while our sales team does all the hard work.

When do I get paid?

Muslim Ad Network will pay the Publisher within thirty (30) days after the end of the current month (net 30) once the Publisher earnings reach the payment threshold of $50, as long as there are no holds on the account, and Publisher is in compliance with Muslim Ad Network policies. If the Publisher account balance has not reached the payment threshold at the end of the month, Muslim Ad Network will roll Publisher earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached.

Will you sell non-US inventory?

Yes. The majority of the campaigns will be targeted to your US inventory; however, we do have sales representation in Canada, U.K, and the Middle East. From time to time, you will be invited to run these campaigns.

Can I control which brands will advertise on my website?

You will have complete control of all ad creative that runs on your website. We ask that you accept or reject ad creative within 24 hours of the campaign notification, although after this date you will still have the ability to stop the campaign running on your site.

How will Muslim Ad Network promote my website?

Your website will feature in a rotating ad slot on the homepage, which attracts an increasing number of visitors from within the design and creative industry every month.

What ad formats can I use?

The two recommended formats are the Mid Page Unit (MPU) (300×250 pixels), and the Leaderboard (728x90pixels.) There are other formats that are popular with advertisers and that you may find in some cases easier to fit into the page design of your site.

These formats are called the Skyscraper (160×600) and the Mobile Banner (300×50 pixels.). Muslim Ad Network can work with any IAB standard size so be sure to ask for other options if these do not fit your site.

What is Muslim Ad Network’s payout structure for Publishers?

Muslim Ad Network serves ads on cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. To make sure our partnership is mutually beneficial, we offer a competitive revenue share with our publishers.

I already have some ads running on my site, and/or Google ad words – can I still join the Muslim Ad Network?

Yes – this is a completely non-exclusive agreement so you can join the Muslim Ad Network and run our ads alongside any other ad provider. However, we also offer exclusivity for qualifying publishers, keep in mind unlike other ad networks that may show indecent ads, we strictly provide clean Shariah-compliant ads.

What are the terms of the agreement?

The standard terms and conditions attached must be adhered to. In the main, we ask that you make a minimum of one standard-sized ad space available on your website above the fold on the home page and you agree to a minimum of 3 calendar months participation during your first campaign.

Are there any setup costs?

No. There are no set up costs for publishers.