Why Your Last Eid Campaign Flopped: 5 Ways to Make the Next One Spectacular

5 ways to improve your next Eid campaign

Introduction: The Bitter Aftertaste of Failure

So your last Eid campaign gave you a sour taste – like overcooked biryani. But fear not! We’ve dissected our mistakes, marinated in insights, and cooked up a recipe for success. It’s never too early to lick your wounds and strategize for next year, Let’s dive into the spices that’ll turn our next Eid campaign into a feast for the senses.

1. Cultural Sensitivity: The Missing Ingredient

Missing ingredients to a perfect Eid Marketing campaign

From Generic to Genuine: Crafting an Authentic Eid Campaign

Many Eid campaigns resemble a confetti shower of clichéd greetings. Both Muslim and mainstream toss around “Eid Mubarak” like a handful of glitter – pretty but lacking substance. But Eid isn’t just about dates and desserts; it’s a rich tapestry of emotions, traditions, and connections.

The Solution: Authenticity as Our Secret Spice

1. Understand Eid Traditions

Qurbani (Sacrifice): Dive into the significance. Explore how families prepare, perform, and distribute sacrificial meat. Highlight the aspect of giving to the less fortunate – how it reaches those in need.

Prayers and Reflection: Capture the communal prayers – the rows of worshippers, the whispered supplications. Show the serenity of the mosque during Eid Salah. The spiritual side of things is essential to avoid commercializing Eid like Christmas is and your brand drowning in the noise.

Feasting and Togetherness: Showcase families gathered around tables, sharing biryani, kebabs, and sheer khurma (a festival vermicelli pudding ). It’s not just food; it’s love served on plates.

2. Avoid Stereotypes, Embrace Authentic Imagery

No More Stock Photos: Minimize generic images of crescent moons and lanterns. Instead, capture real moments – a child’s wide-eyed excitement, an elder’s wrinkled smile during Eid hugs.

Diverse Faces: Eid isn’t a monolith. It’s celebrated by Muslims worldwide – from Indonesia to Morocco. Show diverse faces, clothing, and traditions. Let every Muslim feel seen.

3. Collaborate with Muslim Creators

Invite Creativity: Partner with Muslim artists, photographers, and writers. They’ll infuse your campaign with cultural nuances, personal stories, and genuine passion.

User-Generated Content: Encourage your community to share their Eid moments. Their authenticity will resonate far more than staged photos.

All of the above is also true for Eid Ul Fitr with a true understanding of both, Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr.

Remember, your Eid campaign isn’t just about marketing; it’s about celebrating a beautiful tapestry of faith, family, and festivity. Let’s season it with authenticity, and watch it unfold like a heartfelt dua.

  • Mistake: We sprinkled generic Eid greetings like confetti. But Eid isn’t just about dates and desserts; it’s about sacrifice, gratitude, and family.
  • Solution: Authenticity is our secret spice. Understand Eid traditions – the Qurbani (sacrifice), communal prayers, and feasting. Avoid stereotypes; instead, embrace the spirit of giving and community. Collaborate with Muslim creators – they’ll add the right flavors.

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2. Product Offerings: The Undercooked Kebabs

Weak product offerings akin to undercooked kebabs

Spicing Up Our Offerings: A Recipe for Success

In the flavorful world of product offerings, we’ve all tasted the blandness of monotony. Our mistake? Serving up the same old dishes – predictable, forgettable, and lacking that zing. But fear not! 

The Solution: Diversify Your Product Offerings

1. Limited-Edition Delight Examples

Eid Mubarak Macarons: Picture delicate Eid Mubarak macarons in vibrant colors – each one whispering festive greetings. These little treats are not just desserts; they’re joy-filled moments.

Halal and Tayyab Crisps: Crispy, bold, and Halal-certified! Imagine chips with flavors inspired by global cuisines – from tangy tandoori to aromatic za’atar. Make casual Eid snacking an adventure to accommodate those who are less inclined to traditional Eid snacks.

Discounts with Heart: Yes, discounts! But let’s frame them as gifts. “Share the Eid spirit – 20% off for your loved ones!” It’s not just about saving money; it’s about sharing blessings.

Unwrap Joy: To enhance your Eid campaign, create thoughtful Eid-themed packaging. Instead of overwhelming designs, subtly incorporate crescent moons, henna-inspired motifs, and personalized heartfelt messages. This way, whether unboxed by a young student in New York or an elder in Lahore, your packaging will evoke joy and resonate with both traditional and modern sensibilities.

3. The London Eid Festival Magic

Replicate the Buzz: Remember the London Eid Festival? The vibrant stalls, the laughter, the aroma of samosas – let’s capture that energy. Virtual or in-store, let your creativity go wild and create the ultimate Eid wonderland for your customers.

Interactive Experiences: Virtual tastings, live cooking demos, or DIY decorating kits – let customers be part of the festival. Engage their senses and create lasting memories.

Remember, our Eid campaign isn’t just about products; it’s about creating moments that linger on taste buds and in hearts. Let’s season it with love and watch it sizzle! 🌙🌟🎁

  • Mistake: Your product lineup was as bland as unsalted rice. No special editions, no Eid-themed packaging.
  • Solution: Spice up our offerings! Launch limited-edition Halal-certified goodies – think “Eid Mubarak Macarons” or “Halal and Tayyab Crisps.” Discounts? Yes, please! Frame them as gifts – sharing is caring. Remember the London Eid Festival? Let’s replicate that buzz.

3. Digital Campaigns: The Stale Samosas

Lack of social media creativity akin to stale samosas

From Flat to Fabulous: Elevating Our Eid Social Media Game

Your social media presence during Eid resembled a tray of stale samosas – unappetizing, lacking spice, and gathering dust. Engagement? Minimal. Storytelling? Nonexistent. But fear not! We’re about to change all of that with creativity, authenticity, and heart.

The Solution: Ignite the Platforms

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok: These platforms are your magic wands. Fire them up! Post vibrant visuals, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and heartfelt messages. Show the hustle in the kitchen, the joy of family reunions, and the sparkle in kids’ eyes.

Hashtags: #EidVibes and #HalalFeast – sprinkle them like confetti. Hashtags are your secret sauce. They connect you to the global Eid party. When Muslims search for #EidInspo, be there, serving up inspiration.

Embrace the Flock: Muslims flock to social media during Eid – it’s your digital Eid market. Let’s serve them content that resonates. Eid fashion, home decor, recipes – it’s all on the menu.

Storytelling Time: Share heartwarming tales. Remember Grandma’s secret biryani recipe? Or that time the whole neighborhood pitched in for a surprise Eid gift? Stir emotions; let nostalgia simmer.

Authenticity Garnish: Sprinkle authenticity generously. Real stories, real people. Auntie Fatima’s henna-stained hands, Uncle Ahmed’s contagious laughter – they’re our stars. No stock photos; just genuine moments.

Remember, our social media isn’t just a megaphone; it’s a cozy corner where hearts connect. Let’s inflate that balloon, tie it with a ribbon of authenticity, and watch it soar!

  • Mistake: Your social media game was flatter than a deflated balloon. No engagement, no storytelling.
  • Solution: Fire up Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! Use hashtags like #EidVibes and #HalalFeast. Muslims flock to social media during Eid – let’s serve them content. 

4. Inclusivity: The Burnt Biryani

Overlooking diversity in Muslim communities akin to burning the biryani

From Tunnel Vision to Visionary and Diverse

Your previous approach to Eid overlooked the rich tapestry of diverse Muslim communities. You served a burnt biryani – lacking nuance, depth, and cultural variety. But fear not! We’re about to create a feast that celebrates unity in diversity.

The Solution: A Global Eid Palette

Indonesian Ketupat: Imagine woven rice cakes, steamed in coconut leaves. They symbolize unity and gratitude. Let’s showcase them – a taste of Indonesia for our global audience.

Somali Anjero: These spongy, pancake-like delights are a staple during Eid. Their tangy flavor and versatility make them a must-try. Let’s introduce our community to Somali culinary artistry.

Visual Feast: Your social media and packaging will be a gallery of colors, patterns, and stories. From Moroccan henna to Syrian Kibbeh – let’s celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Spotlight on Communities: Feature real families celebrating Eid – from Sao Paolo to Seoul. Their smiles, their traditions – they’re your stars. Show communities from different backgrounds sharing meals, laughter, and love. It’s not just about food; it’s about connection.

  • Mistake: You overlooked diverse Muslim communities. Eid isn’t a monolith; it’s a mosaic of cultures.
  • Solution: Let’s create an inclusive spread. Highlight different Eid traditions – from Indonesian ketupat to Somali anjero. Celebrate unity in diversity.Team Spirit: The Messy Kitchen
  • Solution: Let’s create an inclusive spread. Highlight different Eid traditions – from Indonesian ketupat to Somali anjero. Celebrate unity in diversity. 

5. Team Spirit: The Messy Kitchen

Lack of collaboration during eid akin to a messy kitchen

Too Many (Solo) Chefs Spoil the Halwa

Your team resembled solo chefs – each stirring their pot but missing out on the magic of collaboration. No fusion of flavors, no culinary breakthroughs. But fear not! We’re about to turn our kitchen into a bustling bazaar of ideas.

The Solution: Stir the Pot!

Empower Ownership: Let team members own their dishes. The designer crafts the plating, the writer sprinkles storytelling, and the data wizard adds the secret spice of insights.

Innovation Buffet: Encourage experimentation. Your kitchen isn’t a fixed menu; it’s a buffet. Let’s serve up new techniques, fresh ingredients, and unexpected pairings.

Cross-Functional Dance: Imagine your designers salsa-ing with data, your writers waltzing with developers. Cross-functional collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s your flavor enhancer.

  • Mistake: Your team worked like solo chefs – no collaboration, no innovation.
  • Solution: Stir the pot! Encourage experimentation. Let team members own their dishes. Empower creativity. Cross-functional collaboration? Yes, please! Your designers, writers, and data wizards need to dance together – like a synchronized biryani-making flash mob.

Bonus Ideas for Celebrating Diversity During Eid

Virtual Cultural Exchange: Organize virtual events where people from different backgrounds share their unique Eid traditions. Whether it’s a live cooking demonstration, storytelling session, or music performance, these exchanges foster understanding and appreciation.

Eid Recipe Swap: Encourage families to exchange traditional Eid recipes. An Italian family might share their lemon ricotta cake recipe with a Mexican family, who reciprocate with Dulce De Leche pastry pockets recipe. It’s a delightful way to taste the world’s flavors.

Eid Art Exhibition: Invite artists from diverse backgrounds to create Eid-themed art. Paintings, calligraphy, or digital illustrations – each piece reflects a different cultural lens. Display these artworks online or in a physical gallery.

Multilingual Greetings: Create Eid greeting cards or social media posts that feature “Eid Mubarak” in various languages. Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Swahili, Malay, and more – let’s celebrate linguistic diversity.

Eid Storybook: Collaborate with writers and illustrators to create a children’s storybook that highlights Eid celebrations across cultures. Each story introduces young readers to different traditions and values.

Conclusion: From Failures to Feasts

Your next Eid campaign won’t be a soggy samosa. It’ll be a flavor explosion – saffron-infused, rose-scented, and community-approved. Work with the most prominent and most experienced team of Muslim advertising experts at MAN. Let’s cook up success, one authentic ingredient at a time together. Bismillah!

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