Preparing Your Marketing for Ramadan – Part 3

Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Six-Part Series

Part 1: Ramadan Muslim Consumer Behavior

Part 2: Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Part 3: Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Part 4: Using Social Media to Gain Ramadan Buyers

Part 5: Mail and Email as Promoting Tools for Ramadan

Part 6: Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

Bonus: What the Ramadan Consumer Survey 2022 Says About Advertising to Muslims During the Holy Month

One of the most interesting ways of promoting brands during Ramadan is blogging. In this article, we take a look at some simple yet impactful ways of using your blog to promote your brand during Ramadan.

Ramadan Gift Guide  

Create a Ramadan gift guide for your products or services. This will match well with your special Ramadan combinations or Ramadan bundles that we mentioned in the previous article in this series.

In order to make your gift guide even more appealing, apart from promoting your own products or services, offer some generic advice. For example, you can offer tips about when to expect the best deals: start of Ramadan or close to Eid, etc. 

If you have a vast category of products you may create a complete series of tips in your guide as below:

  • A Gift for Every Type of Fasting Muslim
  • Gifts for Every Type of Mosque-Goer in Ramadan
  • The Best Gifts for New Muslim Reverts in Ramadan
  • The Best Gifts for Every Type of Ramadan Home Cook
  • The Best Gifts to Help Raise One’s Faith in the Holy Month
  • 10 Things You Shouldn’t Gift Someone in Ramadan and Alternatives

Wish List Article

Do a round-up of the most popular “wish list” items you provide, your bestsellers of the year, or upcoming products or services of the new year. 

Yes, a wish list is probably more relevant to Muslim businesses with an eCommerce characteristic. However, even if you do not own an eCommerce website, you can still create a wish list article. It won’t be as easy as with eCommerce to find out since you can’t check who added a product to their wish list. 

The good news is that with a little bit of digging and investigating, you will know which items are most appealing to your customers. Better yet, ask them directly!

As for bestsellers or upcoming products, it’s something you already know.

Ramadan How-To’s  

Write Ramadan-related how-to articles. Home cleaning, preparation for breaking fast, budget guides for Ramadan shopping, preparing your wardrobe for Ramadan events, and so on. 

The sky’s the limit and it all depends on the type of business you run. Whatever you are selling and whatever service you provide, you can always create a how-to article related to Ramadan and fasting. 

See for yourself:

Business TypeHow-To Article
Trash CollectionHow to Reduce Food Wastage in Ramadan and Increase Blessings in Your Home
Basketball OutletHow to Preserve Energy When Shooting Hoops While Fasting in Ramadan
Vegan RestaurantTop 10 Vegan Recipes That Will Make Your Ramadan Guests Forget About Meat
DermatologistDry Skin and Fasting – What to Eat  During Iftar to Keep Your Skin Moist

Recap Article  

Recap the last twelve months before Ramadan for your business. Make sure it is very comprehensive and include;

  • events, 
  • achievements, 
  • awards, and 
  • milestones. 

Depending on your audience, you could even share challenges you faced, and talk about how you overcame them and the lessons you derived from them.

If relevant, you might also want to compile your most popular blog posts from the last 12 months with brief summaries and links to each post. Or take your most popular post and write an update with a Ramadan twist if possible.

At Muslim Ad Network we have had the honor of connecting brands, organizations, and businesses to Muslims online for over a decade. We are always excited when Ramadan comes along because there is a surge in Muslim consumer behavior and demand. 

If you are looking to capitalize on that surge, there is no better, more experienced, partner for you than Muslim Ad Network, which can help you connect with millions of Muslim consumers within a few minutes

So get in touch with MAN and let us help you make this Ramadan a great success.

Read the Ramadan Survey Report  2022 (no email or download required).

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