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Muslim Ad Network Revolutionizes Halal Advertising Landscape with Exclusive Private Marketplace for Elevated Targeting

Tuesday 28 November 2023

In a groundbreaking move, Muslim Ad Network (MAN), the largest online advertising platform to target Muslim consumers, is set to soar to new heights, in brand exposure and consumer engagement with the launch of Muslim Ad Network’s (MAN) invite-only Private Marketplace (PMP).

This marketplace revolutionizes the way advertisers connect with Muslim consumers, offering unparalleled precision, privacy, and personalization to ensure your brand stands out among millions of potential Muslim customers simultaneously.

Against the backdrop of Transparency Market Research estimating the global halal products market to surge to US$10.51 trillion by 2024, MAN’s PMP becomes pivotal for brands to efficiently connect with Muslim consumers at scale.

Saad Ahmad the Managing Partner at Muslim Ad Network said:

With Muslim Ad Network’s PMP, Advertisers tap into a multitude of advantages. By harnessing our first-party data and top-notch brand safety features, they can target high-quality Muslim consumers, optimized for both scale and speed.” 

Muslim Ad Network’s Private Marketplace (PMP) offers a wealth of advantages. 

  • Leveraging first-party data, advertisers can connect with a diverse Muslim consumer base. This goes beyond ordinary ads, creating more personalized and engaging experiences.
  • The program ensures brand control by allowing advertisers to filter and target specific categories, enhancing ad quality and elevating brand reputation. 
  • With real-time performance insights, campaigns are optimized swiftly and transparently.
  • This program empowers advertisers to strategically choose the placement of their ads across websites, apps, and more, ensuring alignment with their brand ethos. It upholds a standard of high quality and trustworthiness, free from any hidden fees.This thoughtful selection guarantees that ads resonate authentically with their intended audience, providing a comprehensive and impactful avenue for advertising.

Muslim Ad Network extends a warm invitation to all qualified parties, offering a golden opportunity to tap into the exponentially growing Muslim consumer market and achieve advertising success.

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Muslim Ad Network (MAN) is the largest online advertising platform dedicated to connecting brands with Muslim consumers, offering effective and targeted advertising solutions worldwide.


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