Muslim Ad Network Press Release:

Empowering Palestine: Muslim Ad Network Pours $50K into Free Advertising for Relief Charities and Local Businesses

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Muslim Ad Network (MAN), the largest online advertising platform dedicated to reaching Muslim consumers, is making a significant impact beyond advertising. In a remarkable display of commitment to humanitarian causes, MAN is providing free advertising to support Palestine relief charities and is extending this effort to Palestine-owned businesses. 

MAN is offering free online advertising across websites and apps valued at $50K to support Palestine relief charities. Furthermore, this initiative is being extended to assist Palestine-owned businesses.

MAN has previously demonstrated their dedication to aiding those in need by providing free advertising for charities during the severe Morocco earthquake. Muslim Ad Network is prepared to extend its support whenever a crisis arises. This initiative exemplifies MAN’s unwavering commitment to leveraging its platform for social good.

Saad Ahmad,  co-founder and Managing Partner at Muslim Ad Network, said:

“We’re a company founded by Muslims serving as a trusted Advertising partner for brands. Our goal is simple: make a positive impact using our reach of Millions of Muslim consumers online. It’s not just about business; it’s about using our resources to aid those facing serious challenges. This mission resonates with Islamic principles, emphasizing the importance of helping those in need whenever possible.”

Get Involved

MAN extends a warm invitation to its partners, clients, and the wider community to unite in joining this humanitarian initiative. If you represent a charitable organization dedicated to aiding the people of Palestine, or if you are Palestinian and own a business we urge you to reach out to us. Your participation can bring about a profound positive impact in the lives of those who are currently facing challenges in Palestine.

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