Giving Back

At Ummah Media Group LLC., our mission is to help make the global Muslim community better through technology and media. Being a responsible organization is integral in how we function as a company. Our philosophy is simple: by improving the Muslim community, we can improve the world.

Making the Muslim community and the world better through advertising

Muslim Ad Network Giving Back

Helping Communities

We are committed to helping those who need us the most. Part of our ethos is to give. We ensure we make a social impact and a difference to lives.

We do this by giving charities free advertising space to generate maximum impact, so they can raise funds for their projects. Since our inception, we have helped dozens of charities across the globe grow. 

Using our people, technology, and resources to make a better world

Strengthen Small Businesses

We are committed to making small businesses make their mark in whatever sector they work in by targeting Muslim consumers. We create a platform to help Muslim businesses target the right audience through optimal positioning across the internet.

Creating Opportunities

We are committed to helping people gain experience in the world of online advertising by offering dedicated support and guidance. Whether you are a recent graduate, have some spare time on your hands or looking for a new career, come and talk to us!

Charities for Giving Back Initiative

1) Helping Hands for Education

Helping Hands for Education (HHE) is small educational charity which aims to improve the quality of ednt which schools throw away.  HHE is working to establish an educational centre for all students deprived children receive by giving them access to better educational resources.  Their work is centred in the city of Ogbomosho in south-Western Nigeria.  They ship old school books and equipment

2) Insaaf

Insaaf is a small charity which has helped refugees since 2015.  They help refugees with many things including distributing clothes, food items, blankets, tents, equipment etc., providing support, translation.  Insaaf has helped refugees in France, Greece and Bangladesh.  All the workers are volunteers and charity has a 100% donation policy.

3) Zaytoun

Founded in 2004, Zaytoon is a Palestinian social enterprise and community interest company which sells olive oil, dates and chocolates.  They also have a Palestine Fair Trade Association olive tree planting project initiative helping local communities.  They provide a sustainable income for Palestinian farmers and their families through the import and sale of high-quality and fairly traded products 

4) CAIR International

Since their inception in 1994, CAIR has worked to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America.  Through media relations, government relations, education and advocacy, CAIR puts forth an Islamic perspective to ensure the Muslim voice is represented.  CAIR seeks to empower the American Muslim community and encourage their participation in political and social activism