Ramadan Charity Campaign Report

How do charities fair when it comes to collecting donations during Ramadan? Get all the stats!

Ramadan Charity Campaign Report

Ramadan: The best time for charities to run ad campaigns!

In 2022, one platform received 1.05 million donations during Ramadan, raising more than $47 million. The amount of money raised during Ramadan (30 days) was comparable to what was raised throughout the year (11 months!). This emphasizes how likely Muslims are to give during the blessed month.

During the month of Ramadan, many Muslims choose to pay their Zakat (obligatory charitable donations). During Ramadan 2021, Muslim Americans donated $1.8 billion to domestic and international causes. Furthermore, the average household gave more than $2000 to charity.

59% Of UK charities don’t have a digital strategy even though 74% of people make their donations online.

Our report contains everything you need to know for your charity to make the most of the peak season for Muslim donations.

You will:

Maximize Your Donations from Muslim consumers During Ramadan 2023