Brand Showdown: US Muslim Consumers Take Their Pick

Brand Showdown: US Muslim Consumers Take Their Pick


In the dynamic marketplace of the United States, consumers encounter a multitude of choices every day, ranging from everyday necessities to sought-after fashion labels. Among this array of options, the diverse and vibrant Muslim community emerges as a notable force, impacting consumer trends significantly.

Based on the report: “Muslim Consumers Choose Between Rival Brands in the USA”, this blog post explores the competitive landscape of brand preferences within the American Muslim consumer market. It highlights favored brands within this demographic.

American Muslim Consumer Brand Choice Report

In 2022, the Muslim Ad Network conducted a comprehensive survey to investigate the brand preferences of Muslim consumers. This survey aimed to gather insights from a diverse group of 400 individuals across different age groups, genders, and geographical regions within the United States.

Conducted in September 2022, the survey yielded fascinating trends among American Muslim consumers. With participants ranging in age from 18 to over 54 and an almost equal distribution between genders, the survey offered a thorough overview of Muslim consumer preferences.

The survey tested the favorability of 47 different brands and businesses among Muslim consumers, shedding light on which entities resonated most with this demographic.

Disclaimer: Note that the sentiment towards some of the brands we mention in this blog post represented in the image below may have shifted due to the events in the Middle East.
US Muslim consumers choose between 47 brand rivals.

At the time of the survey, Muslim households in the United States commanded an estimated $200 billion in purchasing power. This increase is propelled by demographic shifts and rising educational attainment levels within the Muslim community. The American Muslim population alone is projected to increase from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million by 2030.

American Muslim population growth.

Source: Muslim Consumers Choose Between Rival Brands in the USA

One resounding theme emerged from the survey findings: Muslim consumers gravitate toward brands that authentically engage with their values, aspirations, and identities. Unlike stereotypes perpetuated in mainstream media, Muslim consumers seek brands that acknowledge and cater to their diverse needs, shunning one-size-fits-all approaches in favor of genuine connection.

This presents a golden opportunity for brands to tap into the burgeoning Muslim consumer market by aligning with their values and aspirations. While some brands excel in resonating with Muslim consumers, others falter, either due to insensitivity or a lack of understanding of this influential demographic’s preferences.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the survey findings, highlighting the brands that emerged as favorites among Muslim consumers.

Results From the Report

Which department stores do US Muslims prefer to do their shopping in?

Brand Votes
Macy’s 25.81%
TJ Maxx19.81%
JC Penny19.47%
US Muslims pick Macy's over rivals.

Macy’s, which decided to offer hijabs in its stores in 2018, stands out as the preferred choice among Muslim consumers, with a quarter of the respondents selecting it.

Which discount stores do US Muslims prefer to do their shopping in?

Brand Votes
Home Goods15.08%
Bargain Hunt11.59%
US Muslims choose walmart over rivals

Among US Muslim consumer respondents, Walmart holds the undisputed title as the leading discount store.

Which sports apparel do US Muslims prefer?

Brand Votes
Under Armour16.56%
US Muslims choose Nike over rivals.

Nike considers itself a champion of diversity as a brand, actively involved in various initiatives aimed at combating stereotypes and uplifting emerging minority athletes.

Where do US Muslims get their coffee?

Brand Votes
Dunkin’ Donuts24.10%
Caribou Coffee13.86%
Coffee Beanery8.38%
Do US Muslims still favor Starbucks over rivals?

While Starbucks isn’t the only brand affected, it has become the poster child for a notable decline in reputation resulting from the events in the Middle East. The full extent of this impact by Muslim consumers in the US, particularly those who previously favored the brand, remains uncertain until the situation is resolved.

Which fast-food restaurant do US Muslims like the most?

Brand Votes
Burger King20.77%
Taco Bell16.94%
US Muslim consumers' favorite fast food is McDonald's

It would be quite challenging to displace McDonald’s as the preferred fast-food restaurant among any demographic, whether Muslim or not. Despite occasional instances where certain franchises were found to advertise halal food without consistently delivering on the promise, American Muslims continued to opt for McDonald’s over its competitors.

Which cola brand do US Muslims drink?

Brand Votes
RC Cola14.91%

Much like McDonald’s, it appears that the widespread popularity of Coke as a brand extends to the Muslim consumer community as well.

Which online retailer do US Muslims most frequently use? 

Brand Votes
Best Buy17.97%
The Home Depot12.26%
US Muslims choose Amazon over rivals.

Developing an online retail platform capable of challenging Amazon’s dominance would require an enormous effort. Amazon boasts massive numbers, a fact that is evident among Muslim consumers as well.

Which Taxi App do US Muslims use the most?

Brand Votes
US Muslims choose Uber as taxi favorite.

Uber secured a notable triumph over its closest competitor, Lyft, despite having previously strained its relationship with Muslim customers by abstaining from participation in the taxi strike against Trump’s Muslim ban.

Which ice cream brand do US Muslims like the most?

Brand Votes
Ben & Jerry’s29.95%
Blue Bell21.91%
Turkey Hill10.49%
Ben & Jerry's has been chosen as favorite Ice Cream by Muslim consumers

Ben & Jerry’s stands out as the clear favorite among US Muslim consumers when it comes to ice cream. Additionally, its political stance in the Middle East is well-received within the Muslim community.

Which entertainment channel do US Muslims prefer?

Brand Votes
Amazon Prime20.40%

Despite some controversial content, including a scene where a Muslim woman breaks her fast in a bar with alcohol, Netflix remained the top choice for American Muslims. In 2021, the streaming service lost over 200,000 subscribers due to various reasons, although not directly related to this incident.

Your Brand’s Next Steps to Winning Over US Muslim Consumers 

Earlier in this blog post, we emphasized that sentiments towards some brands may have shifted due to the events in the Middle East. Despite this, our research indicates that American Muslim consumers tend to gravitate towards brands popular among the masses. However, it’s essential for brands to engage with American Muslims in a way that makes them feel accepted, as all respondents expressed a preference for brands that relate to Muslims.

Looking at the top-performing brands in our survey, it’s evident that American Muslims demonstrate forgiveness and loyalty, even in the face of offensive campaigns. However, brands must improve their strategies to capitalize on one of the fastest-growing global consumer markets.

For a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively market to the Muslim consumer demographic, we recommend the ebook: “The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Marketing to the Muslim Consumer.” This guide offers valuable insights on breaking into this rapidly expanding and untapped consumer market.
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