7 Modest Fashion Brand Actionable Social Listening Tactics for Immense Growth

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

Modest fashion will see a 6.0% growth by the end of 2022 to US$313 billion with spending to reach US$375 billion in 2025 at a 4-year CAGR of 6.1%. This is according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2022.

Many Muslim entrepreneurs like you have embarked on a journey to satisfy the almost insatiable appetite for modest fashion. This article is designed to help you take your modest fashion business or brand to the next level.

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Leveraging Social Listening to Interpret Your Customer’s Needs

So, you have been running your eCommerce business selling modest fashion items online for a while now, or even better, you created your own brand, and Alhamdulillah, business is good. Besides the occasional demanding customer who seems to always return abayas and ask for a refund, you are doing well.

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

If only you could have a higher percentage of visitors to your site buy your modest fashion collection and less churn or abandoned shopping carts. Well, here is the bad news, you will always have people decide not to buy at the last moment. I mean what can you do right?

Well, here is some excellent news. You can drastically reduce churn and increase your revenue at the same time. Better yet, you can turn your modest fashion brand into a monster.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Social media listening. You may be thinking “Ummm, I already know about social media listening”. It’s all good, but what I am talking about here is actionable social listening. This is where you change social listening from an art to a science.

Social listening is arguably the most effective way to understand consumer sentiment and trends because you are not prompting them with questions but listening in on their sincere conversations with each other.

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

Imagine if you wanted to impress one of your new friends on her birthday but you were not sure what kind of present she would like. Now imagine you accidentally eavesdropped [don’t eavesdrop on your friends ever :)] on a conversation she was having with someone else and she went on and on about the one thing she wishes she had for her birthday this year. You now know who will be her new BFF after the birthday party don’t you?

Well, using social listening has the power to make you the favorite modest fashion brand for your target audience if you can use it to get actionable data.

7 Social Listening Tactics to Grow Your Modest Fashion Brand

Now that you have social listening data to work with, it is time to take action and start impressing your audiences, beating the competition, selling more, and increasing your pool of loyal customers.

Here is how to use the data you collected from social listening:

1- Engage in the Wider Conversation

One of the most crucial mistakes brands make when it comes to social listening is only monitoring mentions about themselves. One of the most powerful ways to use social listening is monitoring the general conversation in the industry which for you is the modest fashion world and to some extent the mainstream fashion industry in general.

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

Here are some ways social listening can get you in on the wider conversation so you can stay ahead of the curve based on the real-time conversation that modest fashion audiences are having.

Listen in on product conversation (also effective in recognizing potential unknown competitors rising)

  • Nike Pro Hijab
  • Speedo Burkini
  • Luxury abayas made in U.A.E

Listen in on occasions

  • Weddings
  • Shopping
  • Halal Expo Canada Fashion Show

Listen in on trends

  • Ultra Versatile Maxi Skirts
  • Loose Fit “Oversize” Pants
  • Minimalism

Listen in on what customers say about you

  • Brand sentiment
  • Recurring complaints about a product/product line
  • Positive mentions

Listen in using well-known tools

  • BrandWatch
  • AgoraPulse
  • Critical Mention

2- Approach New Potential Customers

There are probably thousands of Muslim consumers out there who are looking for a particular type of abaya that is not easy to get in the UK, let’s say for instance the kind that is made in Brunei.

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

If there is enough noise around this and the supply does not meet the demand, you have an opportunity to move in and satisfy that demand. This is why you should listen in on product conversations.

3- Win Over Dissatisfied Competitor Customers

Listen in on the brand sentiment of your competitors too. Listening in on your brand sentiment keeps you honest but listening in on competitor brand sentiment brings new opportunities.

To do this, track your competitor’s brand names and hashtags with the addition of negative keywords. Depending on the social listening tool you are using, type in “competitor name” AND “negative keyword”.

Once you see a pattern of dissatisfaction, launch a campaign offering a better alternative.

4- Create Timely and Efficient Campaigns

Remember that friend who has a birthday coming up and whom you overheard talking about what she would love most for her birthday this year?

When you have been listening in on your audience conversations you will have a pretty good idea of what they need for the upcoming Eid, winter season, etc. This is especially true if you focus on listening in on occasions and trends. So now you can create campaigns with surgical accuracy to put them into a buying frenzy for your modest fashion products.

Expect more revenue, lesser churn, and lesser abandoned shopping carts.

5- Speak the Language of Your Audience

As you examine posts that contain your tracked keywords and hashtags, you will notice that your audience speaks a certain way.

  • They address concepts in a particular manner
  • They constantly use popular secondary keywords (words you are not tracking)
  • They express emotion in a specific way
  • They address one another using certain terms (like habibti [Arabic female version of darling])

The impact of using the same style of speaking as your customers is immense. You build a connection with your audience and make them adore you. We all know that we buy from people we like. So this is beneficial to your modest fashion brand in terms of increasing revenue.

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6- Identify Modest Fashion Influencers

What’s modest fashion without influencers right? If it wasn’t for modest fashion influencers the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY would have never realized the potential of this market.

The challenge is identifying the right influencers for your brand. Social listening makes this a bit easier. In fact, you may be able to recognize influencers before they blow up and grow together turning them into your modest fashion brand ambassadors for life.

7- Discover Unconventional Conversation Platforms

The title says “unconventional” for the lack of a better term. However, when we talk about niche forums where Muslim or even non-Muslim audiences are talking about modesty and modest clothing, they are everything but unconventional and you need to be there.

We found a 2.8-million-member Reddit forum that advises women on modest fashion. There you will find conversations and advice between Muslim women, Christian women, and those who do not specify their religious beliefs.

Modest Fashion and Social Listening
Modest Fashion and Social Listening

As a modest fashion brand owner, you must be involved but don’t go all in guns blazing and talking about your products. That is not what forums are for! Make sure you are listening in on the conversation to gather ideas on the pains of your audience.


We have seen the rise and rise of modest fashion and there is plenty more to come. It is really great to see both mainstream and Muslim brands rushing to meet the demand of this fantastic global market.

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