What Muslim Brands Can Learn From Andrew Tate – a New Muslim

What Muslim Brands Can Learn From Andrew Tate
What Muslim Brands Can Learn From Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate, a British-American kickboxer and internet personality, has converted to Islam, according to several online media outlets.

A video of Andrew Tate praying (Salah) at a mosque in Dubai has gone viral on social media platforms. Andrew is shown in a video learning how to pray from renowned MMA fighter Tam Khan in Dubai.

Despite being banned by most of the major social media platforms for his brutal and direct style of expression, he was still the third most googled personality on the internet (stats from September 2022).

The Most Searched People in 2022

RankPersonSearch Volume (past 30 days)
1Queen Elizabeth18,259,061
3Andrew Tate4,500,324
4King Charles4,170,805
5Harry Styles3,970,434
Source: Glimpse

There are plenty of articles online talking about his journey toward Islam, but our article is not about that. What is so astonishing is Tate’s popularity with young Muslim men in the west

Can your halal brand learn anything from him?

Before we go any further you need to understand that Andrew Tate made many choices in life and said many things that are not compatible with Islam. However, he was not a Muslim at the time when he said it. So if you are a Muslim reading this, I suggest caution when looking up his material. Don’t say you were not warned :)!

Now let us look at the marketing side of things:

  1. Why he drew in so many young Muslim men
  2. What lessons your halal brand can learn from all of this

Filling Gaps in the Muslim Community

On Muslim Ad Network we have mentioned the attitude that young Muslims in the West have today so many times. They want to be spoken to like they matter and Andrew Tate did just that.

  • To begin with, he praised Islam and implied that it is the solution to today’s problems whenever he got a chance. 
  • He advocated men being men and them having to get off their backs and become people of value.
  • In Islam, men are expected to be strong leaders of their community, yet many young Muslim men never felt that there was an alternative to being pushed down with accusations of toxic masculinity whenever they stood up for their manhood until he came along.
  • Some liked him because they believed that despite some controversy surrounding him, he brought positive attention to Islam.

“We shouldn’t be dismissing someone just because he said something you didn’t like,” Huzaifa told Middle East Eye. “As Muslims, we should be happy and honored that a non-Muslim with such a high following and reach like Tate is bringing more attention to our religion.”  – Middle East Eye

For good or bad, we could go on and on about why he attracted so many young Muslim men in the west.

However, there is a bigger issue here that needs to be addressed. It seems there is a big gap in the needs and wants of young Muslims in the west that is not being catered to. This leaves the Muslim youth vulnerable as they seek to find that satisfaction in places that may not be appropriate. At least with Andrew Tate, he was sincere to Islam’s teachings and reverted to Islam but what’s next? This is an issue that needs all Muslims to come together and work on as one nation so it is too big for us at Muslim Ad Network to talk about in depth.

But, as the world’s biggest Ad Network that specializes in targeting Muslim consumers, we know a thing or two about marketing and advertising and what your Muslim or halal brand can learn from Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate Marketing Strategy for Muslim Brands

Let us now look at how Andrew Tate built and maintains his personal brand and what your Muslim or Halal brand can adopt to attract more Muslim consumers.

Andrew Tate’s Tactics for Muslim Brand Marketing
Andrew TateYour Muslim Brand
Tate uses his own life as an example of what can be accomplished by those who listen to his advice and believe in his brand.Your Muslim brand must practice what it preaches. This is especially true when it comes to your brand purpose.
Andrew Tate is always well-dressed, speaks confidently and clearly, and never appears ill-prepared when he appears in public.As a brand, creative collateral is what represents your values and what you stand for aside from what you offer. Make sure your creative team is properly equipped for the task.
Tate communicates clearly, confidently, eloquently, and intelligently, but also with humor at appropriate times.Yes, impress your Muslim audience with some great content and design but don’t forget to humanize it with humor every now and then.
Tate works hard not to come across as narrow-minded, risking alienating himself (and his brand) from a particular audience/social group.Muslim consumers consist of complex ethnic groups and levels of religiosity. Be very vigilant that your ads are not alienating certain groups.
Tate’s perspectives on social issues, like most others, include both positive and negative aspects.The young Muslim men and women of today can smell fake rhetoric from a mile away. Just be authentic and bold on the rare occasion that your brand gets interrogated about world issues.
Tate expresses well-considered and strong opinions on a variety of hot socio-economical issues, politics, current events, sporting events, etc.Your brand does not have to be all over the place. However, at selected moments, your brand needs to speak up. Playing it safe and not saying anything, especially in matters that are important to your audience can result in an exodus away from your brand these days.
Andrew Tate has been working with other content creators he knows will help him reach his primary target audience — young men.Get out of your shell and start collaborating with other brands that cater to the same audience you do, even if some of them are direct competitors. He who dares wins!

So there it is. We pray for our brother and new revert to Islam, Andrew Tate to stay strong and on the right path. 

Get proactive and start implementing the tactics mentioned above for a stronger presence and better advertising to your Muslim audience.

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