What Your Halal Brand Needs to Do for Success in 2023

What Your Halal Brand Needs to Do for Success in 2023
What Your Halal Brand Needs to Do for Success in 2023

With 2023 on its way, remember that preparation is key to success and the lack thereof is a tell-tale sign that you could fail. There are many articles you will come across from now until January 2023 that will tell you what the marketing trends are for next year and what to do.

However, the most important trend to follow for your halal brand is the one that you discover by looking at your own data and seeing what has worked for you and what has not. Everything else is just complimentary to that.

There are, however, three 2023 marketing trends that halal brands must consider very seriously:

  • Martech Trends 
  • Attention Metrics
  • Influencer Marketing 

Keep reading to find out why and how.

Top Martech Trends for Your Halal Brand in 2023

The halal industry, like many others, is adaptable and ever-changing. If your halal brand misses out on the latest Martech (marketing technology, marketing software, and platforms) trends you can fall behind in terms of competitive advantage and revenue. There will be no change in this regard in 2023.

To adapt to the ever-increasing consumer dependence on technology, halal brands will need to use technological solutions in their marketing efforts. In fact, your business will need to adapt to the challenges of measuring and reacting to changes in consumer behavior across multiple communication channels. And, as cookies become obsolete, your Muslim business will require more technological tools than ever before to target Muslim consumers.

Here are the top 2023 Martech trends that every halal brand should be following and implementing next year:

Use Martech to Hyper-personalize

Identify micro-moments and short-term selling opportunities. This ability to recognize and respond to such opportunities, combined with personalized approaches, should be prioritized in your halal marketing.

For example, when you arrive in a new city, and receive a notification with halal restaurants or Muslim-friendly hotel recommendations from halalbooking.com.

Integrate with Wearables

Wearable Martech integration provides your halal brand with an excellent opportunity to engage and connect with your Muslim audience. You can, for example, collaborate with smartwatch brands to deliver highly targeted advertising. 

A Muslim consumer, for example, may receive a notification from East Essence when passing by one of its retailers.

Extended Reality

While your halal brand continues to explore marketing and advertising opportunities in the metaverse, you can already use extended reality with technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

If applicable, you can create virtual showrooms and open houses for your halal business with the increasing availability of low-cost VR headsets. If you are a modest fashion brand you can use augmented reality to offer virtual try-on sessions.

Your Halal Brand Needs to Implement Attention Metrics in 2023

With consumers spending hours each day in front of screens and being exposed to thousands of advertisements, it is more difficult than ever for your Muslim brand to capture attention and build connections.

As attention metrics become more widely used in the industry, your halal brand must use them to optimize campaigns and increase returns on investment (ROI).


The number of served impressions represents the number of times an ad is displayed on a webpage. Traditionally, advertisers would pay a fee based on the number of served impressions their ad received. However, served impressions only guarantee that an ad was loaded, not that it was ever visible.

Attention Metrics

Attention metrics define how attention can be measured. They invariably revolve around time – that is, how long someone has spent doing something, and more specifically, what actions they took during that time. Attention metrics, as opposed to impressions alone, can provide you with a much more accurate picture of how your Muslim audience interacts with your ads.

Measuring Attention

There are numerous methods for measuring attention depending on the device and platform where the ad is displayed. Obviously, paying attention to an 85-inch connected TV is not the same as paying attention to a six-inch mobile phone.

An example of a very basic way to measure attention is by determining the active views.

The length of time a piece of content or advertisement can be viewed. Cursor position, touch rate, scroll rate, and scroll depth can all be recorded to determine if the user is interacting with the page while the content is displayed. See how Google measures active views.

Use Recession-proof Muslim Influencer Marketing in 2023

According to Jasmine Enberg of Influencer Intelligence:

Influencer marketing certainly isn’t immune to a potential budget pullback. But what we’ve seen so far is that it has been more resilient than other types of digital marketing, and brands have continued to spend on their partnerships, particularly with long-term creator partners, throughout this volatile economic environment.

Below you can see the proof of her statement:

Use Recession-proof Muslim Influencer Marketing in 2023
Source: Insider Intelligence

In the same article, she explains that influencers, particularly micro- and nano-influencers, have grown significantly over the past year and have demonstrated their ability to generate real sales, particularly among segments of the consumer population like Gen Z. Given that the Muslim population is very young, this benefits those who market to Muslims consumers very well.

Unlike mainstream influencers, finding the right Muslim influencer can be very tricky. We have highlighted the steps for finding the right Muslim influencer for your brand in an earlier article: “How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Halal Brand”.

Since 2023 is going to take us closer to Web3 marketing we recommend you also read: “Marketing to Muslim Consumers With Meta-influencers”.

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