5 Tips for Your Halal Brand to Make Money on Twitter

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Most of us use Twitter for building communities, brand awareness, and showcasing brand personality. So you may wonder how your halal brand could make money on Twitter.

Advanced users, however, do exactly that. They make money on Twitter!

And Twitter is not holding back. In the past few months, Twitter has rolled out multiple new e-commerce tools. Some argue that they are ideal for brands that want to drive revenue on the platform.

According to Statista, Twitter has 199M daily active users. That makes it one of the largest social media platforms. The potential to reach new Muslim customers is therefore quite large. 

So let’s look at how you can make money with your halal brand on Twitter.

1) Raise Brand Awareness on Twitter

While most small businesses and even established businesses are stuck in this phase on Twitter, it is still a vital step in getting the target audience excited about your halal product or service.

This would be the first step towards making money for your brand on Twitter if you do it right.

One of the best ways is to share your product or service with Muslim consumers. Explain how and where they can purchase your product.

Eman Academy does a good job of showcasing one of the courses they offer: “Meanings of the Qur’an” they offer at their academy.

It is specific and a reputable scholar who teaches the course is mentioned.

You can use GIFs and short videos to highlight your products in a fun and engaging way like Midamar does below:

2) Use Twitter Ads for Your Halal Brand

There are no two ways about it. If you are serious about maximizing your reach on any social platform, your halal brand must pay up to get it.

Twitter is no exception.

Twitter offers over 20 types of ads to choose from. Promoted tweets are probably the most popular. They will do a great job at showcasing your halal products or services to Muslim audiences.

Promoted tweets look like regular tweets and show up in the feeds of your set target audience.

See if you can spot the difference between a regular tweet and a promoted one. Psst! Hint: You can see the word “promoted’ on the promoted tweet.

twitter ads

3) Collaborate with Twitter Influencers

So let’s be realistic about this. Most influencers have a greater following on other platforms – like Instagram for instance.

However, to have a complete strategy for making money for your halal brand on Twitter, you must give those influencers on Twitter a go.

You should view the fact that Influencers are more prominent on other platforms as an opportunity. Probably fewer of your competitors will be approaching these influencers on Twitter than on let’s say YouTube.

Muslim social media influencers

4) Use Twitter’s Tip Jar Feature

This new feature is described by Twitter as:

“Tip Jar allows people to add external links to their third-party payment accounts so others can send them tips directly through those third-party services.”

This feature is in Beta at the time of writing this article.

When/if the feature is available to you, anyone who lands on your profile can click its icon, choose a payment option of their choice, and be taken directly to your personal link.

5) Use Revue for Twitter Newsletters

Revue makes it free and easy for your brand to start and publish newsletters.

You will be able to leverage your existing audience to increase newsletter subscriber count.

The Revue button will feature on your halal brand’s profile page. With time this feature may become essential for your email marketing strategy.


There are plenty more features being introduced by Twitter that will make it easy for your halal brand to create revenue on its platform.

To maximize the impact of your online marketing, we invite you to join the only platform that specializes in targeting Muslim consumers: Muslim Ad Network.

Find out what Muslim Ad Network can do for your brand today!

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