Advertise to Muslim Audiences on Instagram by Capitalizing on Social Media Algorithms

advertise to Muslims on Instagram

Part 1- Facebook

Part 2 – Twitter

Part 3 – Instagram

Capitalizing on the 5 Components of Instagram’s Algorithm

Instagram, according to Statista, has over 1.2 billion active users making it an integral part of marketing online. It has become a hotspot for targeting all sorts of markets including the Muslim consumer market

Instagram’s algorithm works a bit like that of its parent company: Facebook. It uses machine learning and takes into consideration five components.

This helps it determine what content your target audience will find relevant and influences their news feed to prioritize the presented content.

1 – Recency 

How recently was your post published? This impacts when your audience sees a post in their news feed. Make sure you post during times when your audience is most active.

Here are the best posting times globally:

  • Best times: Tuesday 11 a.m.–2 p.m., Monday through Friday 11 a.m.
  • Best day: Tuesday
  • Worst day: Sunday
advertise to Muslims on instagram
Source: SproutSocial

2 – Interest

Instagram predicts how interested your targeted Muslim user will be in a particular post. 

Survey Muslim users on Instagram and find out what they like. Research posts they engaged with so that your posts on Instagram match popular posts.

3 –  Frequency & Usage

How often your targeted user is on the app will determine what posts they see first when they open the app again. The time one spends on Instagram affects the content they see as well.

This is similar to the “While You Were Away” feature on Twitter. So make sure you are actively engaging with relevant accounts so that they engage with your posts too.

4 – Following

The more people a user follows, the less likely they’ll be able to see everyone in their news feed.

Here again, engaging with your Muslim users is vital for Instagram to render you relevant to them and prioritize your posts on their timeline.

5 – Relationship

Who shared your post and their connection to you is a significant factor in how often Muslim users will see your content. This is influenced by tagged photos, engagement, and even how often direct messaging takes place. So keep engaging directly with your audience.

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Final Takeaway of the Series

Social media algorithms are meant to filter out irrelevant spammy posts so that only the highest quality content gets seen by your audience. 

“Control over what users see and don’t see is a collaboration between the social platform and the user. The user interacts with what they find interesting and the social media platform takes note and shows you more of that the next time you open the app.”

Source: Hubspot

So remember that it’s in your best interest to create and post content to social media that’s interesting, entertaining, helpful, and relevant to your Muslim followers.

Follow these best practices and your posts will be more likely to attract the eyeballs of the users you are targeting so you can engage and ultimately convert them into returning customers.

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