Advertise to Muslim Audiences on Twitter by Capitalizing on Social Media Algorithms

How to advertise to Muslims on Twitter

Part 1- Facebook

Part 2 – Twitter

Part 3 – Instagram

How do I advertise to Muslim consumers on social media like Twitter?” is something marketing managers have been asking. 

Today we continue with our series that looks at how to leverage the news feed algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Understanding how they work will help you target Muslim consumers on social media platforms more efficiently.

While Facebook is the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to what will show up in a user’s Facebook News Feed, Twitter has had a very different approach with its “Timeline” over the years.

Back when Twitter started, a user’s Timeline was made up of every single tweet from every user they follow, in chronological order. However, Twitter- similarly to what was happening on Facebook – realized that users felt that they were missing all the best tweets from the people they care about most.

The changes made to the Twitter algorithm were not nearly as platform-changing as the ones Facebook has made, but they are indeed a departure from the real-time element that had defined Twitter since its beginning.

Twitter introduced two approaches for showing users the most relevant tweets first on their Timeline: the “While You Were Away” feature and later on the “Show me the best Tweets first” feature.

Capitalizing on Twitter’s “While You Were Away” Feature

Twitter introduced this feature in an attempt to rid users of the FOMO (fear of missing out) that they might have been feeling from the chronological nature of the original Timeline.

This feature recaps some of the best tweets a user may not have seen otherwise. These tweets are qualified by the level of user engagement they attract.

Users can’t turn off the feature, however, it is more active for users who check the app less often.

Tip: Make sure you are actively engaging with relevant accounts so that they engage with your tweets too. This should help your tweets rank and feature on the “While You Were Away” Timeline of a broader, yet more relevant Muslim audience.

Capitalizing on Twitter’s “Show Me the Best Tweets First” Feature

Twitter’s “Show me the best Tweets first” feature is similar to Facebook’s News Feed. It arranges the content on a user’s Timeline based on a tweet’s relevancy.

In this case, Twitter’s algorithm puts the tweets it believes users find most interesting at the top of your Timeline. These posts are still recent and in reverse chronological order. Twitter mainly qualifies these tweets based on accounts users interact with most and tweets users engage with. This, of course, is among many other things.

The remaining tweets section features all the tweets from a user’s timeline and includes retweets, promoted tweets, and suggested accounts that Twitter thinks will make a user’s timeline more relevant. These tweets also appear in reverse chronological order.

Tip: Make sure you are attracting the right type of followers. Check your follower list weekly or monthly to make sure no fake or inactive accounts are following you. That way your Twitter content will get more engagement from the right Muslim audience. Twitter’s algorithm will then suggest that content to similar Muslim audiences it believes will find your tweets interesting.

Twitter is not the only social media platform improving its algorithm to show the most relevant content first. Instagram’s algorithm is as useful for your marketing as any other out there.

So stay tuned for the third and final part of this series where we discuss Instagram’s algorithm. Meanwhile, although Ramadan is reaching the last stages for this year, you can still  benefit from the following article: Using Social Media to Gain Ramadan Buyers

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