3 Ways of Cutting Through the Noise to Reach Muslim Consumers

reaching Muslim consumers

Today’s article is designed to help you market to Muslim consumers in a way that doesn’t have to deal with the clutter of competitors as much as you would have to. No, it does not involve flying satellites over your audience’s homes and listening to their table conversation to know their most intimate needs. Instead, you can target potential Muslim customers in new and exciting ways.

Use Muslim Consumer Attributes to Your Advantage

Not unlike mainstream consumers, you need to use everything from a Muslim customer’s online profile. This includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic data. Too many times those targeting Muslim audiences ignore this and just slap the word “Halal” on their ads with an image of a woman wearing hijab and think that it’s good enough.

You need to use the data from the online profile to predict everything from buying behaviors, opinions, and interests. Then try to influence that behavior by combining it with a super-targeting advertising campaign.

The idea is to create more personalized ad campaigns that are going to increase your audience’s engagement levels and achieve a better return on investment.

Get Your Messaging Right

In a previous article. “3 Tips for Marketing to Muslims and Not Get The Cold Shoulder” we highlighted some examples of good messaging and some not so good. The problem is that if you get it wrong, it’s going to be hard to win back the trust you lost.

The chance of making such a mistake becomes even more potent when you get lazy because you already know your audience pretty well. Keep engaging and learning more about your audience so that you remain relevant.

You’ve spent months or years growing your audience of loyal customers; one piece of marketing content from you that just isn’t up to scratch and you might damage that relationship.

Become a Resource for Your Audience

Find ways to periodically tweak your product and services or offer add-ons and resources for your audience’s evolving interests. This can be as simple as adding a new “muadhin” (caller to prayer) in your prayer time app or updating the scope of the search engine on your Islamic job search website.

Keep researching and discovering trends and integrate those needs onto your product and services before the competition. It will help you stay ahead of them while making your Muslim audience happy.

Use Google Trends for a high-level idea of what your Muslim consumers are interested in.

hajj 2020

In the above example, you can see that there was an opportunity from March to June to capitalize on the spark in interest for the keyword “Hajj canceled”. Your message could have been: “Sad about missing out on Hajj this year, learn about how the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions still got rewarded for Hajj when they were refused entry to Makkah during the Treaty of Hudaybiyah”.

Don’t just stop there; an even more powerful way is to talk to your current Muslim customers to figure out the resources and add-ons both them and new customers may be in need of.

Once you’ve done your research on the types of add-ons and resources your Muslim consumers desire, there are some great low-investment business ideas that can turn your expertise into revenue. This opportunity, in fact, is huge in the Muslim market as almost nobody does this. Yes, there is plenty of research about the Muslim market in general with astronomical numbers being thrown around. But there is hardly any research that is specific to a certain Muslim niche that benefits the day-to-day end-user. You can become that resource while at the same time establishing yourself as an expert in your field and improving your product and services to attract more Muslim consumers.

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