7 Eid Mubarak Ads: What’s Your Take on Them?

7 Eid Mubarak Ads
7 Eid Mubarak Ads

The two most important days of celebration for Muslims are Eid-ul-Fitr (celebrations marking the end of Ramadan) and Eid-ul-Adha (celebrations when the pilgrimage days are coming to an end).

We decided to take a look at how different brands brought out ads during these two joyous occasions and highlight the good and the not-so-good. 

1- Le Delice – Sweeten Your Eid-ul-Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr Ad by Le Delice
Eid-ul-Fitr Ad by Le Delice

Concept: The croissant represents the crescent marking the beginning of Eid-ul-Fitr, a day of Muslim celebration and feasting after a month of fasting known as Ramadan.

What’s good about this ad: The slogan is great, we all know that in most, if not all, Muslim households we love sweet stuff during Eid.
What’s not so good: If you are going to put a food item on your creatives make sure you are using something that symbolizes proper Eid food. Who eats croissants on Eid day? As a bakery, they must have some more inspirational sweet delicacies

2- One Wild Card – The Kaaba

Eid advertisement by onewildcard
Eid advertisement by onewildcard

Concept: This Eid ad is influenced by the two main acts that make up Eid-ul-Adha; circumambulation and sharing of meat with the people around you.

What’s good about this ad: They didn’t go for the crescent as almost every other brand does. They tried a concept that makes sense to a neutral person.
What’s not so good: Some may say the ad is disrespectful. As one online commentator mentioned: “You cannot symbolize the House of God with a block of meat, it’s wrong on so many levels, and Muslims doing the tawaf (circumambulating) around the Kaaba as spices. Not everything can be boiled down to a symbolic representation of a creative idea.”

3- Indomie Noodles – The Ram

Eid Mubarak ad by Indomie Noodles
Eid Mubarak ad by Indomie Noodles

Concept: One of the most prominent symbols of the Eid-ul-Adha celebration is the ram. This Indomie ad employs the use of its noodle strand to represent the sacrificial ram’s horns. 

What’s good about this ad: Simplicity always catches the eye and this ad portrays that simplicity. The symbolism is also spot on and no controversy there.

What’s not so good: While the symbolism is good, the ad lacks the spirit of Eid. Just like the previous ads and some that will follow, it does not trigger emotions or memories of Eid days which is a celebration that correlates to spending time with friends and family, with delicious foods and treats.

4- Oreo- Milk’s Favorite Midnight Snack

Eid marketing ad by Oreo
Eid marketing ad by Oreo

Concept: The advertisement shows two people sharing a biscuit while a crescent appears in the cream.

What’s good about this ad: The ad captures the spirit of sharing food during Eid. This is good neutral messaging for Eid celebrations.

What’s not so good: The use of the crescent for Eid has become a cliche. It’s on the borderline of tokenism, one may argue. It’s the same as throwing in a woman wearing a hijab in an ad to make it look inclusive.

5- Coca Cola – Taste the Feeling

Eid advertisement Coca-Cola
Eid advertisement Coca-Cola

Concept: Taste the feeling of joy and togetherness during Eid-ul-Adha. Nothing washes down tasty food like a bottle of Coca-Cola.

What’s good about this ad: This ad captures the feeling of Eid in the facial expression of the featured characters and background. It’s shot in a retro Coca-Cola design which is appealing to the eye. Bonus points for not going for something easy like the top of the bottle looking like a crescent.
What’s not so good: The Coca-Cola product is too prominent in the image. They could have focused more on the content of the table to make it look more festive. The table setting looks like that of a regular dinner on a normal day

6- McDonald’s – I’m Lovin It

Eid ad by McDonald's
Eid ad by McDonald’s

Concept: Mcdonald’s featured their golden-crisp fries as the fingers of a devotee making supplication after seeing the new moon for Eid perhaps.

What’s good about this ad: Mcdonald’s managed to advertise their fries to appeal to millions of Muslims who observe Eid twice a year.
What’s not so good: Mcdonald’s Mcffis known for producing quirky ads that make people give out an appreciative smile. However, supplication to the creator is not a joke and many Muslims may find the ad unsettling to say the least.

7- La Casera – I Love This Drink

Eid marketing advertisement by La Casera
Eid marketing advertisement by La Casera

Concept: “To all who seek refreshment after the fast, we say Eid- Mubarak.”  After thirty days of fasting it’s time to celebrate and enjoy a refreshing drink anytime and anywhere.

What’s good about this ad: It has a good feeling about it. It speaks to many of those who fast and now are able to enjoy a cold refreshing drink at times when they couldn’t during Ramadan.

What’s not so good: The visuals are extremely simple. They could have taken a chapter out of Coca-Cola’s book and made the feeling of joy and relief jump out more.

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