8 out of 10 (Muslim) Consumers Prefer Live Stream Video Over Reading Your Blog

Muslim consumers prefer live stream
Live streaming targeting Muslim consumers

In our last blog post, we talked about shorter videos being The #1 Video Advertising Trend for Epic Muslim Consumer Engagement in 2022.

As we continue on our series for the top trends for Muslim consumer engagement in 2022, we would like to stay on the topic of ‘video’. In this blog post, we talk about a video format that, although not new, has recently taken off like a rocket. It is none other than video live streaming.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider live video streaming for 2022:

Live Video is Indispensable for Marketing to Muslim Audiences

We witnessed live video streaming become an indispensable tactic for marketers in 2021. 

2021 showed marketers that live streaming is popular and profitable even after the relaxation of pandemic lockdowns. Common business sense dictates that it’s vital for marketers and brands targeting Muslim consumers to seriously consider adding live streaming into their repertoire.

Live stream videos offer users the ability to enjoy high-quality live streams with little or no buffering. In 2021, live streaming video was one of the fastest-growing trends in social media marketing, especially with the advancement of social commerce.

Up until this point, most businesses have treated live video as a magic tool. It is definitely powerful, no doubt! But in 2022, you’ll see the power come from using live streams strategically, and the businesses who do will be the winners!

Source: Luria Petrucci, Founder of Live Streaming Pros on Wave.Video

Here are some hard-core live streaming stats for 2022 that you just can’t ignore:

  • Live streaming is projected to grow by 60% in 2022.
  • The number of hours streamed per day will increase by more than 50%.
  • Live streams are expected to generate over 315 million monthly active users by 2022, representing one-third of the total population.

Source: ReelnReel

While these are undoubtedly very powerful stats, none of them hit closer to home for marketers and brands than the following statistic mentioned by Vimeo Livestream:

80% of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog.

That’s right, that’s 8 out of 10 consumers! The Muslim consumer, just like with all other statistics mentioned, is not immune to this.

what audiences expect from live video
Source: Vimeo Livestream

Most social platforms limit the organic reach of friends and contacts on your posts. Livestreams bypass that limitation on some platforms. Facebook, which is notorious for limiting organic reach, is a good example.

Facebook recognizes a live stream video notification as a priority post. Users see a small pop-out screen that appears when a live stream event begins. Live stream events are recorded and saved by topic; that way new and interested Muslim users can find you.

Get Started With Muslim Live Stream Videos in 2022

If you have started creating live stream videos, do more in 2022. If you haven’t started, get started now and prepare for 2022.

It’s best to reach out to others with experience in live stream videos for help and guidance. Perform thorough research for trends and try to understand the culture of streaming events to solidify your brand at the forefront of live streaming.

Always remember your business goal and tie that into your live streaming tactics. Do you want to go live so you can hang out and answer questions? Or do you want to talk about your products/services? Or perhaps both?

Make sure you have a plan and structure in place before going live.

When starting, don’t get intimidated by the low numbers watching your live stream. When people watching the replay find value in your video stream content, they will be motivated to make it onto one of your live streams and interact with you.

Live Stream Video Trends for 2022

In-stream Shopping

Ecommerce is expected to be driven by live streaming in 2022. A report by Coresight Research states that “eCommerce live streaming is forecasted to generate $25B in sales in the US by 2023”.

Most tech companies have jumped onto the live stream shopping bandwagon in the United States, for a piece of the action. You’ve probably noticed the new shopping features on YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.

Selling products directly on social media (social commerce) is already worth $51.2 billion in the US. The possibility to combine shopping and live streaming on social platforms is heralding a new era of in-stream shopping for 2022.

Influencer Live Stream Video Events

Today, the status and impact of influencers for branding purposes is not in any doubt. Now, with the rise in popularity of live shopping the impact of influencers has become even more significant.

Brands have realized this and have started working with influencers more and more on their live stream videos. However, influencer live stream video events work magic not just for eCommerce brands.

Any organization with a goal, even those that exist for a good cause can capitalize on the power of live streaming with influencers.

A great example of this is the Dutch branch of Make-a-Wish. They recently collaborated with Yarasky – a gaming vlogger – for a live stream on YouTube.

The team raised more than €10,000 and reached an audience of nearly 6 million people; that’s one-third of the population in The Netherlands.

Shorter Live Stream Videos

The number one video trend for 2022 is videos getting shorter. It’s also the reason why TikTok’s turnover grew by 545% in Europe in 2020.

It just goes to show how excited people are about consuming short-form videos. Vidyard explains that the majority of videos being created (60%) are less than 2 minutes long.

What does that mean for live streaming video? Users prefer shorter streams on social networks and when creating live streams for your Muslim audience, this should be your preferred format.

Proof of this is also in the fact that Instagram has caught up and is scaling back on their long-form video platform IGTV. Now, instead, they are focusing on the short-form Reels, as an answer to TikTok. 

YouTube rolled out Shorts in the United States in March 2021. Social video consumption behaviors are changing, and this time (smaller) size matters.

Of course, you can still produce long live streams in 2022. Just make them educational in the form of courses and masterclasses for example. If you look at LinkedIn and Google as a brand, they do an excellent job at creating courses (although not live streaming) through LinkedIn Learning and Google Digital Garage.


Live streaming will prove to be a powerful asset for brands and organizations that want to boost their consumer engagement and revenue as well.

If you are targeting Muslim audiences or own a Muslim brand, 2022 is ripe for you to start using live stream events.

Don’t wait too long, advertise through Muslim Ad Network and let us help you with your Muslim consumer marketing in 2022 and beyond.

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