Becoming a Publisher at Muslim Ad Network – What You Need to Know

Become a publisher at Muslim Ad Network

There is no doubt that extra income is the number one reason for website owners to sell ad space on their websites. Display advertising is the most established method of earning passive income through your blog or website.

You would first need to find companies online to sell your ad space to, ideally within your niche. Muslim Ad Network (MAN) liberates you from searching for relevant Muslim advertisers and connects you to its wide network of advertisers.

But First Are You Eligible to Monetize Your Website with MAN Ads?

There are some signs you need to be vigilant about to see if you should even be attempting to monetize your website or blog.

The Amount of Traffic to Your Website or Blog

A good amount of traffic to your website or blog is a great starting point to talk about. However, depending on what your website or blog is about this may vary. A fitness blog should expect more traffic than a very specific niche like a fishing bait club. Although the latter may have more quality traffic.

Just for the sake of putting a number on it, we can say 100-200 organic visitors a day should be about right. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers. Make sure there is consistency in the number of daily visitors.

Your Website or Blog is Big Enough

This is very important! Make sure you have enough pages with good, useful content on your website. If you have a blog or a website that incorporates a blog, make sure you have published around 25 blog articles (approximately 750 words minimum).

Google will bury you if you have only a few pages of content and dozens of ads running on your website or blog. This is because the ratio of content to ads, if not balanced properly, will tell search engines that you have a spammy website.

Example: for every 1000 words of content an ad (bad) = too many ads

Example: For every 50000 words of content one ad (good) = not too many ads

If you haven’t read Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines, I highly recommend you do.

Also, to avoid this conundrum, don’t overwhelm your website visitors with countless ads on every page. You will be proactively chasing away your audience and invoking the wrath of both Google and Bing.

Prerequisite to Selling Ad Space to MAN

The Right Audience

MAN helps organizations reach over 250 million Muslims annually. As a publisher, your content needs to be relevant and appropriate for those who hold the Muslim faith. If your brand appeals to Muslims and their beliefs, then look no further. Suppose you have a modest fashion brand and your website does not have nudity, promote alcohol and so forth, the team at MAN could help you explore possibilities of becoming a publisher because you are more likely to draw Muslim online users to your website.

The Usual Suspects

Just like any other reputable ad network, MAN only associates itself with websites that follow the rules below:

  • No automatic clicks by bots
  • No encouraging clicks or views
  • No putting ad code on pages that have fraudulent, deceptive or illegal activities
  • No ads on pages with abusive content
  • No bot traffic (your website must have human traffic)
  • No modifications to MAN code
  • No ad code in irrelevant places
  • No websites that change user preferences, redirect users, initiate downloads, include malware or pop-ups that interfere with navigation
  • Adhere to GDPR in Europe
  • Adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) if applicable

How You Will Benefit from Being a Publisher on MAN

High-Quality Arrangement

Whilst ad networks traditionally collect unsold ad inventory from an array of publishers and offer these impressions to advertisers at a much lower price than a publisher’s direct sales, MAN takes a more strategic approach where you profit as a publisher.

We offer advertisers more exclusive deals at premium prices. We cherry-pick inventory from a number of relevant publishers who target Muslim consumers and then resell it at premium prices. Consequently, the publisher and the advertiser benefit from a high-quality arrangement.

You Can Retire Early

Well, not exactly, but essentially you will be allowing MAN to take care of your advertising inventory. We do the heavy lifting for you.  All you have to do is serve ads and get paid.

We pay publishers within thirty days after the end of the current month once earnings reach the payment threshold of $50. If your account balance has not reached the payment threshold at the end of the month, we will roll publisher earnings over to the following month, until it is reached.

It’s Not All About the Money

As a Muslim website or blog owner, it is not easy to monetize without having inappropriate ads appear on your ad space. MAN offers you the opportunity to run ads on your platform and sleep well at night knowing that your audience is not going to see display banners that they would consider ‘makruh’ (detestable) or even ‘haram’ (proscribed).


If you have read all the way to the end of the blog, you should definitely check out our Publisher Product Overview Page. If you have any further questions please visit our FAQ Page or contact MANdirectly.

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