We provide an opportunity for your advertising to reach the highly coveted Muslim online consumer. One single platform to reach millions of Muslim consumers wherever they are browsing online, including the Internet’s most popular websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and more. 

Only through MAN can a brand effectively target ads to Muslim consumers instantly across thousands of websites and apps. We can configure advertising campaigns to a variety of objectives including brand lift, traffic acquisition, and generating sales.

Muslim Ad Network’s platform is a powerful tool that will save you money, time and effort. One single platform that gives you access to over 250 million Muslim consumers every month.

Your ads will feature on the biggest Muslim-based websites including Zabihah.com. However, we don’t stop there. Your ads will also feature on the mainstream’s most powerful websites; think of CNN and ESPN. 

Additionally, they will appear on social media platforms, apps and more.

Whether you are looking to bump up revenue, build awareness, or generate leads, Muslim Ad Network is your answer. We will configure your campaigns to cater to your needs.

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How it Works

    • Our MuslimReach™  ad targeting technology gives us the ability to serve ads to Muslim consumers anywhere they are browsing on the internet on any device 
    • With our unmatched demographic data, we’re able to target ads to Muslim consumers in a variety of ways (using targeting parameters listed below) 
    • We have exclusive partnerships with leading publishers with Muslim audiences 
    • The ability to target Muslim consumers with ads based on their email addresses and more!

Get started today with your advertising campaign

Features and Benefits

Start a campaign now and take advantage of the following features and benefits including:

  • Display ads of all standard sizes, including rich media, video, and banners
  • Opt-in Email advertising 
  • Maintain control over where your ad gets displayed. Full geo-targeting capabilities (by zip code, city, country, or region).
  • Complete visibility of Publishers in the network on request.
  • Reach new customers and increase the overall impact of your media dollars.
  • Quality Reporting. Muslim Ad Network offers full reporting and analysis ensuring an optimum return on investment.

Featured Targeting Capabilities

muslimreach all devices

Device Type

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet


Geotargeting by region, country, city, and more

reach muslims of all ages


Target based on a variety of age ranges

reach Muslims based on interest


Reach your intended audience on key interests


Target based on specific gender type

reach Muslims based on income levels

Income Level

Reach households based on a variety of income ranges