Preparing Your Marketing for Ramadan 2021 – Part 1

Ramadan Muslim Consumer Behavior

Ramadan Marketing

Six-Part Series

Part 1: Ramadan Muslim Consumer Behavior

Part 2: Preparing Your Products and Services for Ramadan

Part 3: Using Your Blog to Promote Your Brand for Ramadan

Part 4: Using Social Media to Gain Ramadan Buyers

Part 5: Mail and Email as Promoting Tools for Ramadan

Part 6: Creating a Community Around Your Brand for Ramadan

In this first part, we will take a look at  Muslim consumers’ behavior during the Ramadan period. There is no better way to start this than recapping our Ramadan 2020 blog’s Ramadan activity timeline.

Ramadan Consumer Activity Timeline

Pre-Ramadan and the Month of Shaban

Muslim consumer Ramadan activities start about a month before Ramadan itself. With Ramadan 2021 starting around April 12th, this would mean Ramadan consumer activities will start around March 2021. 

That means that you as a business owner or marketer need to start strategizing and planning today.

The First Half of Ramadan

In 2020, due to COVID-19, people stayed inside and were on their mobile devices a lot. Some also logged on to their tablets and desktops. This is an enormous opportunity in 2021 too for business owners and marketers to target Muslim consumers. 

Same as last year,  you should take note that fasting Muslims will be online at some rather late hours and most of them will be on their mobile devices.

The Last Half of Ramadan

This is when consumers shift their focus towards Eid preparations and Muslim families will be shopping online more intensively for Eid celebrations. 

One may think that by April if the pandemic has worn down, many Muslim consumers would welcome doing their shopping at the shopping mall again. 

However, experts have told us time and again that the consumer behavior created during the pandemic is here to stay. So expect more online shopping in the last half of Ramadan.

Exit Ramadan – Enter Eid

Just like in 2020, Ramadan 2021 may see Muslim consumers stay indoors. And once again, you guessed it, they will be on their devices. A good opportunity for Halal restaurants for example, as instead of eating out, their Muslim customers may order in.

Business Opportunities are Plenty in Ramadan

These stats speak for themselves:

Forbes reports from WebPals Group:

“…during Ramadan, traffic was up by 230%. And it’s not just users who are only looking, people are buying. The data indicates that conversion is up by 30% during Ramadan. As you might expect, social media is more active as well, primarily at night. The increase peaks at 3 am when it reaches 200%. There is also evidence that customer loyalty, evidenced by repeat online visits and purchases, increases substantially during Ramadan as well.”

According to WordBank:

78% of UK Muslim consumers would like to see increased engagement from brands and retailers. Although Muslim-majority countries may be better served, international brands are still lagging behind.”

This is reinforced by Google who mention in their article: The super-empowered consumer in Ramadan that:

“These changes in consumer behavior online translate into greater expectations from themselves and the brands they engage with. Consumers expect brands to innovate and accommodate their needs with fresh offerings, moving ads, and frictionless online user experiences.”

It’s not all about retailers and eCommerce of course. Ramadan is the most spiritual month of the Islamic calendar. This is why according to CharityConnect, UK Muslims donate about £100 million every year at this time.

Sounds too good to be true? Here is some supporting evidence from Google:

Muslims in Ramadan
Source: Think with Google

When Ramadan is over, the enhanced Muslim buyer behavior does not just disappear. As mentioned earlier, Ramadan buyer behavior starts weeks before and last weeks after it has ended. It is up to you as a brand to keep that flame burning as much and as long as possible.

A point that not many marketing outlets make is that Islam has only two official celebration days. The Eid after Ramadan (Eid ul Fitr), and the Eid of the Pilgrimage to Makkah (Eid ul Adha). There are only two months between the two.

We have established that Muslim consumers before, during, and after Ramadan are very much looking to engage with brands and buy from them. If you can keep your Muslim customers engaged all the way through to Eid ul Adha, the business rewards can be immense.

In the upcoming parts of this blog series, we will tackle how to promote your business, brand, or organization for Ramadan 2021.

Are you a Muslim-based business or a mainstream business looking to target Muslim consumers this Ramadan and beyond? Contact us at Muslim Ad Network to learn more.

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