McDonald's Fries Emoji

McDonald’s capitalized on the fact that every social media and system software we know (IOS, Facebook, Android, Google, Twitter and WhatsApp) gets their inspiration for their fries emoji fries from them. During World Emoji Day they invited people to make these emojis the most used ones. All they had to do was put them at the top of their Frequently Used List, send them the evidence and win real McDonald’s fries. To achieve this, the users had to press the send button with the fries emoji as frequently as possible.


  • Emoji sent +650.000 times.
  • It was the most sent emoji for the day according to Sprout Social.
  • It was also the top emoji on +150.000 smartphone’s Frequently Used List. according to Sprout Social
  • It became a trending topic on Twitter.
  • Now every time those users see a fry emoji, you will be thinking of McDonald’s!

Category: Creativity
Client: McDonald’s
Agency: Orson
Country: Costa Rica
Year: 2021
Image Source: