homeless lives matter ad

Homeless people! You’ve seen them and probably –  as many of us do – you may have ignored them.

However, generalizing them is unfair as they all have a different story to tell. Not all of them are addicts. Each one has their reasons for being in the streets.

They all have one thing in common though:

  • misery,
  • hopelessness and
  • being exposed to hostile weather conditions.

BoomEngaged launched a campaign based on the symbolism of the cardboard, used by most of the homeless for sleeping. The campaign raises awareness of the day-to-day issues that homeless people face so we can put ourselves in their shoes. The slogan of the campaign is “homeless lives matter”.

Category: Public interest
Client: BoomEngaged
Agency: Boomerang Communication
Country: Morocco
Year: 2021
Image Source:bestadsontv.com