volkswagen abondoned stations

Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong’s work for Volkswagen cleverly announces the arrival of the all-electric ID range of vehicles in Hong Kong.

Talk about using exaggeration to emphasize a product feature and benefit. yes, we are far from abandoning the use of fossil fuel for our vehicles.

But the creators of this awesome print ad know exactly what they are doing by getting to the core of the consumer’s imagination:
” The Volkswagen all-electric ID range of vehicles has arrived, who needs petrol or diesel anymore”?

Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong drives home the point with a series of well-chosen images showing rusty old abandoned fuel stations.

In one of them, you can see pigeons sitting on the signpost and basically using it as a toilet – very symbolic if you think about it.

Volkswagen: Abandoned Stations

At the time of posting this, Volkswagen “Abandoned Stations” print campaign had already started to get noticed with a Silver and 3 Bronze Pencils at The One Show Awards on June 10th.

Category: Creativity
Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2021
Image Source: