AMANC: Spaces

Cancer is the number one cause of death due to disease among Mexican children according to AMANC.

Due to the lack of space in hospitals, thousands of children in Mexico were forced to abandon their treatments at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most hospitals focused their attention on COVID19 patients. Spaces reserved for children with cancer were repurposed for COVID-19 patients. But it didn’t stop there.

In 2020, the Mexican government reported a shortage in medicine for cancer treatment. The combination of these two factors caused thousands of children to abandon their treatment. In other words, there was no space to treat severely sick children at this point.

That’s why the Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer (AMANC by its Spanish acronym) created this Ad. The layout of the graphic represents the almost non-existent space dedicated for attending childhood cancer during the pandemic. The objective was to raise funds and give the sick children the space they were entitled to.

Category: Public interest
Client: Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer
Agency: Agencia Orozco
Country: Mexico
Year: 2021
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