Do you run a Muslim website and you’re frustrated by your current advertising options? Tired of seeing inappropriate ads from other networks? You’re not the only one.

It’s about time an advertising company provided you with the ads your visitors will actually click on and won’t get annoyed by. Learn how Muslim Ad Network bridges you to the advertisers and brands you’ve been waiting for.

Increased Revenue and Success

Muslim Ad Network aims to maximize revenue for our publishers.  We use strict criteria and strategically pick our publisher sites that can maintain a standard our advertisers expect. More advertisers means more relevant ads to help monetize your content. This of course will open up the doors for advertisers to effectively reach the Muslim market. Please read the following guidelines and benefits of enrolling below.

Currently we are looking for the following types of Publisher sites with U.S and U.K traffic:

  • News, Information, And Entertainment Portals
  • High-Quality Blogs
  • Social Networks And Community Sites
  • Muslim Matrimonial Sites
  • Retail And E-Commerce Sites
  • Islamic Organizations And Established Institutions

Increased Revenue

Choose from a variety of messaging formats and start turning your inventory into revenue. Experience competitive CPMs and fill rates for your available media space.


Improve the look of your site with higher quality, attractive advertising.


Join the Muslim Ad Network and raise the profile of your site.

Media Option

We have access to a wide array of Interactive Advertising Bureau standard ad sizes within our network. In order to be an active publisher, you must select at least one of the following ad sizes.

  • 728 X 90, Large Banner Ads
  • 160 X 600, Wide Skyscraper Ads
  • 300 X 250, Rectangular Ads
  • 468 x 60, Small Banner
  • 120 x 600 Regular skyscraper


Choose which ads you want to display from our wide selection of categories. All advertisements adhere to our strict Islamic based guidelines, which means you don’t have to worry about any indecent ads.

Dynamic Ad Filter

We understand how annoying updating your ad filter can be with other ad networks, so we decided to do the work for you. Most publishers reaching the Muslim audience are primarily concerned with eliminating improper advertisements, the Muslim Ad Network puts high priority on this matter and insures strict implementation of guidelines as mentioned above.

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