About Muslim Ad Network

The idea behind Muslim Ad Network is simple. Muslim Ad Network helps businesses of all sizes advertise and market to Muslims on the Internet. Before Muslim Ad Network, there was no effective way to reach the Muslim consumer online.  There was a need for a company that specializes in marketing and advertising to Muslims online, so Muslim Ad Network was born! With MAN’s power reach, along with expertise about the Muslim market, we can have your message delivered to over 10 million online Muslims in over 195 countries!

Advantage of Muslim Ad Network

Experience and Expertise

Because we are the only advertising network reaching the Muslim consumer market, we know what works for advertisers and what doesn’t.

Convenience and Price

The Muslim Ad Network provides media buyers the ability to buy and target advertising on multiple “Muslim sites” in one transaction, eliminating buying on a site-by-site basis.

Exclusive Inventory

The Muslim Ad Network offer premium and exclusive inventory which isn’t available elsewhere.   This is because of our exclusive partnerships with our publishers.  Our publishers and exclusive reach include over 100 of the top Muslim websites.

Contact us today to find out why Muslim Ad Network is called one of the most influential companies that’s catering to Muslim consumers!

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