Muslim Ad Network Sponsors Muslim Unity Day at Six Flags Great Adventure

Muslim Ad Network is proud to be a key sponsor of Muslim Unity Day 2017. MUD was started by a group of young adults who put together the first event in 2005 at California’s Great America.

MUD has since become an annual event and people from across California come out and attend MUD every year.

MUD is open to all faiths and we provide a platform where everyone comes together, enjoy the day, socialize, get to know each other, and have a great time at an amusement park.

This year MUD will be held at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo on Saturday, May 13.  We encourage all Muslim families to come out and enjoy halal food, rides, bazaar, and entertainment.  The evening entertainment will feature the well known comedian Baba Ali.  Visit for details.

MUD has leveraged the local reach of Muslim Ad Network and it’s publishers to drive attendees to this Day. Muslim Ad Network is proud to have Partnered with the organizers of MUD to market this event.

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5 Reasons Why Muslims Should Vote This Election

The United States Presidential elections are right around the corner and are scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

With the recent sentiments about Muslims living in America and the increasing rise of Islamophobia,  it is undoubtedly a critical election for American Muslims to engage in through constructive action and most importantly, voting!  

There is much at stake for the future of American Muslims. Whether or not the inflammatory rhetoric and dangerous ideologies/policies will actually come to reality are in question, however, the fact that potential presidential figures are spewing hate and reinforcing negative stereotypes is a great deal of concern and should prompt every concerned citizen should be civically engaged.

We outline Five major reasons why every Muslim should show up to the polls and cast their vote on November 8th.

1) Because Every Vote Counts!

Muslims make around 1% of the total U.S. population which while may seem insignificant, it has a lot of power to affect the election results in a race that is running tight.The Pew Research Center estimates that there are 3.3 million Muslims in the U.S.  

As a minority community, the American Muslim community has the potential to swing the presidential results in key battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, etc. It is clear from the statements made by select Politicians against Muslims that rarely anyone from the community would be favoring him in the elections so more turn up ratio of Muslims at the election polls will undeniably impact the election.

In the wise words of President Abraham Lincoln:

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the people and burn their behinds, then they will have to sit on their blisters.” 

2) We Need to Take Islamophobia Seriously 

There is no doubt that life has become more difficult for Muslims in America after 9/11. Credible news agencies like Al Jazeera have cited over $200 Million dollars have been spent to foster the Islamophobia industry since 2008.

In addition, hate crimes have been on the rise: For example, in the last year alone in Florida, there has been a 500 percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims. Mosques have been vandalized and there have been a number of bomb threats towards Islamic groups.”And Florida’s government is even trying to ban school books from making any references to Islam in history.”

Casting a vote to the right presidential candidate who has a history of rejecting Islamophobia/bigotry through speech and action is key to preventing the continued cycle of hate surrounding Muslims.

If there is anything the American Muslim community or world cannot afford, it’s a President that grossly generalizes an entire community with one brush.

3) The Outlook of Muslims in America

Sadly, some politicians have definitely seized the upcoming elections to question the loyalty of American Muslims and create even more doubts in the minds of the natives.

They have talked about creating immigrant policies against the interests of the Muslims, covering up in the shadows of ‘safety in America’.

Other ideas include proposing extreme vetting solely based on religious/faith identification which is antithetical to the very core ideals America stands for.

At the second presidential debate, Ms Clinton questioned how this measure could be enacted in a country that was “founded on religious liberty

4) To Set An Example for Future Generations

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the 2008 Presidential election, it’s that a representative and engaged democracy is a powerful democracy. Due to an unprecedented turnout of Americans showing up to vote, we selected the first African American President into oval office. 

Furthermore, if you don’t vote, there’s a good chance your children won’t either and they won’t learn the nuances of a decision making process.

5) Exercising Your Right to Vote

As Muslim citizens, it is a fundamental right like any ordinary American to live in peace, exercise freedom of speech and have a privilege to vote. These liberties shouldn’t be taken for granted. Many people all over the world have opinions but cannot make a difference whether it’s due to tyrannical governments that unjustly disenfranchise communities or even at a state level here in the US where certain individuals cannot vote because of criminal records.

If you’re allowed to vote, then vote! The right vote cast by Muslims will give the world a clear message that as concerned citizens, we take the outcome of the election seriously.


American Muslims will make an impact this election!  Muslim Ad Network is encouraging everyone to make our voices heard by voting.

Pledge now at the link below, represent your community….MAN will donate $5 for each person who pledges (max $1,000), to the community with the highest turnout!

Rock the Muslim Vote Pledge Form

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Advertising and Marketing to Muslims in the Digital Age

Businesses are finally starting to recognize the importance of Advertising and Marketing to Muslims in the Digital Age. Muslim consumers make up for approximately 25% of the world population and the Halal food industry alone represents 16%, or $632 Billion of the global food market each year. Adding Halal fashion, finance, and travel into the equation leaves a largely untapped market all over the world.

Halal trends are Growing Global. Read about the top trends HERE. 

MLE Connect, an event catered to the networking and advancement of Muslim Businesses and Professionals, was held in London last week and the lineup of experts was astounding and the amount of ground breaking knowledge shared can change the way businesses market to Muslims and the impact they have on the world.

To name a few, Shelina Janmohamed, the VP of the Islamic branding agency Ogilvy Noor, introduced attendees to the Muslim Futurist, followed by Navid Akhtar, the CEO of Alchemiya, who introduced the ‘World of Global Urban Muslims’. Na’eem Raza, the fundraising director of The Human Appeal discusses how to gain a competitive edge in the market by serving, rather than focusing on earning.

Amongst the speakers was our very own Tabish Hasan, the CEO of MAN, who was invited to host a seminar on how businesses can reach the Muslim market while experiencing exponential growth in the Digital Age. Tabish was featured in a write up by The Guardian and The Maven, who both highlighted his key and transformational notes on why businesses are missing out when it comes to marketing to Muslims, and exactly how they tap into the market with targeted advertising and a solid, but flexible strategy.


In his presentation, Tabish answered questions that many businesses often ask themselves at many phases: Startup, a new product launch, or a decision to reposition the business into a new market. Whatever the reason may be, the fact that remains the same is that a great product can never be sold without great advertising. Without a marketing strategy, or a plan, you plan to fail.

Whatever stage in business your company may be at, it is important that you have a great understanding of the market, your target audience and how exactly you are going to position yourself in your chosen market, and reach your intended audience. To help with this, we have prepared a mini lesson from the seminar, ‘Marketing and Advertising to Muslims in the Digital Age’.

What is Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing is considered any method or tactic that gets a product or service prepared for introduction into a marketplace and can accomplish a few goals: increasing brand awareness and making influencer connections to strengthen the impact of word of mouth.

A successful marketing plan can be formulated by first finding an audience, identifying who the customer is, and turning a prospective buyer into a loyal and returning customer. A successful Marketing campaign includes developing a strategy, market research, advertising, public relations, pricing and packaging.

Advertising, a form of communication designed to introduce and make known a product or service to the marketplace, is a crucial component that can help determine the success of a marketing campaign. This communication allows businesses to spread the word about their product or service and can be achieved using a variety of mediums such as Ad placement and frequency.

Why is Marketing to Muslims Important?

Marketing to Muslims is a huge opportunity, and with the rapid growth of the Muslim population and the steady rise of the spending power of Muslim consumers, business survival and growth depends on it. To ignore the Muslim consumer could mean a devastating loss of revenue and a limited range of success.

Muslims are an ideal demographic for brands since they are typically more educated, have a disposable income and are young and digitally savvy professionals. When a Muslim consumer finds a brand who caters to them, they tend to stay loyal to that brand, thus increasing that customer’s lifetime value.

How to Market and Advertise in the Digital Age?

Marketing and advertising can be done using a variety of mediums, and doing so digitally allows for many possibilities to creatively reach your target audience within any budget range. Organic results can be increased by actively engaging with your target audience using social media and a blog, while paid techniques can expand reach much further. All of the mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all have the option to promote and boost posts or tweets. There is also an option to create a targeted campaign in order to maximize results.

Want to learn how to Market to Muslims on a Startup Budget? Read This. 

Having a blog for your business opens up the opportunity for content, email and affiliate marketing, and pay per click advertising can expand the reach of any campaign through one medium and multiple websites, which is an example of the type of service MAN offers.

The goal is to identify the optimal target market and where they spend a majority of their time online which will allow for the most reach and more targeted and effective campaigns.

Advertising to Muslims

Muslims are increasingly becoming more technologically savvy, which means that young Muslims spend a majority of their time online for education, profession and connecting with others. Advertising to Muslims can be done effectively by seeking opportunities with Islamic websites, engaging with them on their preferred social platforms by creating captivating and beneficial content, as well as allowing them an opportunity to connect with the brand through blog articles, free downloadable content and email newsletters.

Want to chat about your Advertising Goals? Get in touch.

This can be done by following the Six Step Formula to Success:

  1. Focus on strategic goals
  2. Define your audience
  3. Find out where they spend their time
  4. Choose a platform to start with, get comfortable with it and make it work for you.
  5. Expand and experiment from there,
  6. Be willing to modify your strategy and channels based on what works and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve discovered the right combination, you’ve struck brand marketing gold! 


Advertising and Marketing to Muslims in the Digital Age can be a cost effective and lucrative way to reach consumers globally. Increasing brand awareness, introducing high quality products or services to the growing market and strategically investing resources into the appropriate mediums will allow businesses to tap into this largely untouched and untapped market.

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Improve Your Blog and Increase Your Earnings as an Ad Network Publisher

If you host a blog or website, chances are one of your main goals is to earn an income. As a Publisher of Muslim Ad Network, you can earn from CPM, or cost per impressions or CPC, costs per click. So, it makes sense that the more visitors you have, the more you will earn.

Growing a loyal following takes time and dedication and it can be a long and frustrating process. We want you to earn as much as possible, so we have gathered some tips to help you increase your  earnings as an ad network publisher. 

Grade Your Blogs Appearance

Visit your blog and take a look around and reflect on what you see. Think about some of your favorite blogs or websites and what attracts you to them, it may be a welcoming color scheme or a clean and organized layout. Your sites appearance should match your overall brand, so if your brand is meant to be refreshing, trusting and simple your site design should represent that.

If you haven’t branded your blog, now is a good time to do so. Your brand is what helps people recognize you, it puts a ‘face’ to a ‘name’ so to speak. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be professional and attractive. If you don’t know how to create your own badge or design your site, or you just need a little help, you can seek out a brand stylist who will help you capture what your brand is about and portray that online through your site design.

Lastly, pretend you are visiting your blog for the first time and ask yourself the following questions: Is my blog easy to navigate? Does it load in a respectable time? Are there any broken links or empty pages that I could fix? Are the installed popups overwhelming or annoying?

All of these things matter, as some readers may pass on to a different blog if yours takes too long to load or they stumble upon one too many missing pages or broken links. Most people tend to be forgiving if it happens every now and then, just be sure to frequently check to be sure all is running smoothly.

Create Content that is Evergreen

You and your readers have something in common, you are both passionate about your niche. It is what you write about, your motivation, inspiration, humor, practical advice, or many a number of things that will keep them interested in what you have to say and keep them coming back for more. Publish posts frequently so that your blog doesn’t become stale, and be sure to write content that is timely and relevant, meaning it is evergreen.

The occasional spelling and grammar mishaps here and there are not so much of a big deal, especially for those who are not native English speakers. What is a huge deal is facts. Always be sure to cite your sources properly in your article or at the end so that readers can check the source if they wish. If you are using any significant bit of information from someone else, give them credit. Don’t lose your hard earned readers, check your facts and give credit where it is due!

Give Your Readers Value.

What could you offer your readers that holds value? Something that they will gladly exchange an email for in return for the product you are offering. First, it is important to do some research in Analytics and figure out what your most popular posts tend to be. Next, make a list of the most common problems people are inquiring about and how you can offer a solution.

Design an Opt in that will help you build your audience and email list. Send out frequent newsletters that are valuable to readers, which could mean providing a solution to a common problem, information about your newest products that could benefit them or simple advice that they can appreciate.


Don’t be shy when it comes to reaching out to other blogs or websites who already have a loyal audience base. Tap into their following and offer them a well thought out guest post that will be of benefit to their readers. Most will allow a link or two and a short bio at the end of your post, so if their readers like what you have to say they may just start frequenting your blog as well.

If you guest blog for someone else, invite them to guest post on your blog. Once it’s published, they will almost always share a snippet of the post on their blog or share it on social media, which also will help you score a bigger audience. Not to mention, it is a win-win for both blogs because it provides quality content and SEO benefits through linking.

Utilize Social Media

Social media use these days has grown exponentially. This doesn’t mean you have to spend your time building profiles on every single one, as there are just too many. Start with the basics: Facebook and Twitter. You may also benefit from LinkedIn Instagram or Pinterest, just depending on where your audience spends most of their online time.

Set up profiles for your blog, separate from your personal pages. Publish relevant and  evergreen posts on each so you are not boring readers who follow you on every channel. Install sharing buttons on the bottom of your pages so readers can easily share your content.

Facebook has some amazing groups you can join to drive traffic back to your blog and Twitter can be a useful tool for engagement and social proof. Google+ also has SEO benefits, and those with active profiles get an automatic boost in search engine rankings. If you have a your niche is B2B, LinkedIn is the most lucrative platform, while images do well on both Instagram and Pinterest.

Want to learn how to increase your organic reach for free using social media? This article will help.

Get Started
Start small and focus on what you can do right now and the rest will follow. These are some of the best ways to attract a broader audience and increase your earnings as a publisher.  You do have to be persistent and invest your time and effort into building relationships and making connections, however the return on investment is certainly worth it.

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Big Results for Small Business: Social Media Advertising on a Budget

It can be difficult as a small business or start up to cut through the noise and get on the scene, especially when you have big dreams and a small budget. Luckily for small businesses, there are many online advertising options that are affordable and effective at spreading the word about your business and building a strong and steady sales funnel.

With a wide variety of advertising options, it can be overwhelming to decide on a social media campaign, pay per click or  another advertising medium will yield the highest return on investment. Before you start investing your time and money, it is worth it to explore the needs of your business and how those goals can be met by making the most of free and affordable resources.

How to advertise effectively using underutilized, free and cheap tools that are effective for small business. Learn more at

Start by determining where your ideal customers are and how your audience engages with your brand. This can be done by evaluating the engagement rates on each of your social profiles and taking a look at your content and newsletter performance. You can also do a bit of research on businesses who serve similar audiences to find out what has been successful for them. Your customers are likely not on all social networks, so by figuring out where they are will help narrow down the focus and point your efforts in the right direction.

Even as a small business, Social Media Advertising on a budget can yield big results. Tweet This!

Making the Most of Organic and Paid Reach on Facebook

Use Facebook to increase your organic reach by targeting your ideal customer. Even though Facebook has recently changed their algorithms and it can be difficult to be seen, it is still possible to reach customers organically by making a few changes to the type and frequency of your posts. Less is more, so by producing content that is high quality, geared towards your ideal audience and evergreen and using Facebooks Post Targeting Tool, you can increase your reach without having to pay.

Learn how to use Facebooks Organic Post Targeting Tool

Start a paid advertising campaign on Facebook that allows you to promote specific content from your website, a product or service or a Facebook post. Depending on your business needs, you can choose the outcome of your campaign which includes lead conversions, getting people to claim an offer or sending people to your site. Facebook allows you to build a targeted audience and offers an option to upload your customer email list or create a look a like audience in order to put your ad in front customers who have already purchased your product or service or are familiar with your brand.

If you need a bit of help on getting a Facebook Ad up and Running, try reading THIS

By creating a few sample ads, setting a small per day budget and evaluating the performance after a few days, you will get an idea of the types of ads that are most effective at achieving your end goal.

Building a Community and Customer Base on Twitter

Twitter is an amazing platform to build a community and according to experts, over 40% of tweeters are likely to make a purchase from a business they follow. Twitter offers a free tool called Twitter cards that allow businesses to make more of content retweets and track the leads generated from each click. By simply installing a meta tag onto a page in your site and adding attention grabbing media to your tweets, each time that post is retweeted, the content will reach a new set of eyes and therefore, will drive more traffic back to your site.

Twitter provides a Step-by-Step on How To Set Up Twitter Cards

If you want to take it a step further on Twitter, you can choose to try out Twitter Ads, which are simple to set up and, like Facebook Ads, goes by a daily budget allowance. As an advertiser, you have the option to promote your account, a tweet or a trend and, depending on the desired outcome, you can choose what type of engagements you pay for.

If your goal is to gain followers, you can choose to promote your account and are able to set your account to be shown by the users location and interest. If your goal is to build brand awareness, share content or offer promotions, the best option is to promote your tweets. If you are launching on a major scale and want to promote a product or major event, choosing to sponsor a #trend is the best way to go (but may not be a budget friendly option).

Your Linkedin Profile as a Lead Generation Magnet

An attention grabbing image, a compelling sales pitch, and a Call to Action will convert your profile from a page of business facts to a free landing page for lead generation. For optimal results, your pitch should include your target audience, your value proposition and lastly, the service or solution you are offering.

What is unique about Linkedin is the effectiveness it has for B2B leads and conversions. The Showcase feature, which is a free tool, allows brands to feature a specific product or service with the purpose to target a segmented audience, and provides another opportunity for potential customers to reach your page through the search option. You can also make the most of Linkedin by joining and creating groups and publishing quality, evergreen content that will help you earn professional connections and potential leads.

Create a Free Showcase Page on Linked in with these Easy Steps

If your company is mainly marketing B2B, it would be well worth to look into paid advertising with Linkedin. Though a bit more expensive than Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin ads can certainly be more lucrative when executed properly. As a small business, you are able to choose from sponsored content or pay per click advertisements.

If your goal is to gain brand recognition, it is recommended to go with sponsored content, or CPC (cost per click). Text ads, or PPM (pay per impression), is best for lead generation as it allows you is best to set up a micro campaign that draws leads into your sales funnel white page or other opt in from your business. You are able to set a budget to a minimum of $10 per day and can target an audience base on education, company and profession to achieve maximum results.

If you are just getting started with Linkedin Ads, Learn how to do it right. 

Finding What Works for Your Business

These free and paid advertising options are just a few from a sea of many emerging social media platforms, and depending on your target audience and ideal client some options will work better for you than others. The best method is trial and error, learn how to read analytics and determine which platforms and strategies, paid or non, is bringing you the highest return on investment.

Small budget doesn’t have to mean small results if you get creative with your Ad spend, just don’t hesitate to pull the plug on a campaign that is not making the most of your resources. Want to learn how we can help you Advertise on a budget? Get in touch today.

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Top Five: Halal Fast Food Growing Global

Fast food is not a new trend, and for some of the major global chains, neither is halal. Halal fast food is growing, and these top five, American made, major chains have already gotten a head start in serving the growing Muslim populations nationally and internationally.

  1. Halal and Lovin’ It

Gravenhurst Canada - June 12 2014 - A low angle shot of the famous golden arches of the McDonald's sign high above advertising it is open 24 hours. Shot in Gravenhurst Ontario.

Top burger chain McDonalds, which started as a barbeque-transformed simple burger stand in the late 1940’s, has a place in history and fills the stomachs of an impressive 68 million customers daily through 35,000 stores in 119 countries.

McDonalds fails to serve halal fast food in major US, UK and markets however, caters to the cultural and religious norms of other host countries such as India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and in the UAE. There are more than 250 certified Halal locations in India, 300 plus in Malaysia, nearly 250 in Turkey, 160 in Indonesia, over 100 in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, 30 in Pakistan, and 120 in Singapore.

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Attracting the Halal Foodie: Tips For Businesses

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, which also means that the number of Muslim consumers has also drastically increased. The Halal food industry is growing exponentially, which is great news for enthusiastic halal foodies who seek out opportunities to indulge in the freshest and tastiest halal food on the market.

Want to learn more about Halal trends in 2015? Read this.

A younger and more culturally diverse Muslim population has given birth to halal foodies, whom represent a new and lucrative market that has created ample opportunities for brands to increase earning potential while giving a new wave of consumers, Muslim and non, what they love: halal food.

Instead of relying on solely traditional marketing techniques, brands must use creative measures to find their place in the halal foodie world. The Millennials who dominate the halal foodie scene are looking for variety, adventure and above all, a delicious meal. They have been known to pay for quality, even on a budget, and are influenced by the media and their peers.

So as a business, how can you reach the Halal foodie?

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