Big Results for Small Business: Social Media Advertising on a Budget

It can be difficult as a small business or start up to cut through the noise and get on the scene, especially when you have big dreams and a small budget. Luckily for small businesses, there are many online advertising options that are affordable and effective at spreading the word about your business and building a strong and steady sales funnel.

With a wide variety of advertising options, it can be overwhelming to decide on a social media campaign, pay per click or  another advertising medium will yield the highest return on investment. Before you start investing your time and money, it is worth it to explore the needs of your business and how those goals can be met by making the most of free and affordable resources.

How to advertise effectively using underutilized, free and cheap tools that are effective for small business. Learn more at

Start by determining where your ideal customers are and how your audience engages with your brand. This can be done by evaluating the engagement rates on each of your social profiles and taking a look at your content and newsletter performance. You can also do a bit of research on businesses who serve similar audiences to find out what has been successful for them. Your customers are likely not on all social networks, so by figuring out where they are will help narrow down the focus and point your efforts in the right direction.

Even as a small business, Social Media Advertising on a budget can yield big results. Tweet This!

Making the Most of Organic and Paid Reach on Facebook

Use Facebook to increase your organic reach by targeting your ideal customer. Even though Facebook has recently changed their algorithms and it can be difficult to be seen, it is still possible to reach customers organically by making a few changes to the type and frequency of your posts. Less is more, so by producing content that is high quality, geared towards your ideal audience and evergreen and using Facebooks Post Targeting Tool, you can increase your reach without having to pay.

Learn how to use Facebooks Organic Post Targeting Tool

Start a paid advertising campaign on Facebook that allows you to promote specific content from your website, a product or service or a Facebook post. Depending on your business needs, you can choose the outcome of your campaign which includes lead conversions, getting people to claim an offer or sending people to your site. Facebook allows you to build a targeted audience and offers an option to upload your customer email list or create a look a like audience in order to put your ad in front customers who have already purchased your product or service or are familiar with your brand.

If you need a bit of help on getting a Facebook Ad up and Running, try reading THIS

By creating a few sample ads, setting a small per day budget and evaluating the performance after a few days, you will get an idea of the types of ads that are most effective at achieving your end goal.

Building a Community and Customer Base on Twitter

Twitter is an amazing platform to build a community and according to experts, over 40% of tweeters are likely to make a purchase from a business they follow. Twitter offers a free tool called Twitter cards that allow businesses to make more of content retweets and track the leads generated from each click. By simply installing a meta tag onto a page in your site and adding attention grabbing media to your tweets, each time that post is retweeted, the content will reach a new set of eyes and therefore, will drive more traffic back to your site.

Twitter provides a Step-by-Step on How To Set Up Twitter Cards

If you want to take it a step further on Twitter, you can choose to try out Twitter Ads, which are simple to set up and, like Facebook Ads, goes by a daily budget allowance. As an advertiser, you have the option to promote your account, a tweet or a trend and, depending on the desired outcome, you can choose what type of engagements you pay for.

If your goal is to gain followers, you can choose to promote your account and are able to set your account to be shown by the users location and interest. If your goal is to build brand awareness, share content or offer promotions, the best option is to promote your tweets. If you are launching on a major scale and want to promote a product or major event, choosing to sponsor a #trend is the best way to go (but may not be a budget friendly option).

Your Linkedin Profile as a Lead Generation Magnet

An attention grabbing image, a compelling sales pitch, and a Call to Action will convert your profile from a page of business facts to a free landing page for lead generation. For optimal results, your pitch should include your target audience, your value proposition and lastly, the service or solution you are offering.

What is unique about Linkedin is the effectiveness it has for B2B leads and conversions. The Showcase feature, which is a free tool, allows brands to feature a specific product or service with the purpose to target a segmented audience, and provides another opportunity for potential customers to reach your page through the search option. You can also make the most of Linkedin by joining and creating groups and publishing quality, evergreen content that will help you earn professional connections and potential leads.

Create a Free Showcase Page on Linked in with these Easy Steps

If your company is mainly marketing B2B, it would be well worth to look into paid advertising with Linkedin. Though a bit more expensive than Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin ads can certainly be more lucrative when executed properly. As a small business, you are able to choose from sponsored content or pay per click advertisements.

If your goal is to gain brand recognition, it is recommended to go with sponsored content, or CPC (cost per click). Text ads, or PPM (pay per impression), is best for lead generation as it allows you is best to set up a micro campaign that draws leads into your sales funnel white page or other opt in from your business. You are able to set a budget to a minimum of $10 per day and can target an audience base on education, company and profession to achieve maximum results.

If you are just getting started with Linkedin Ads, Learn how to do it right. 

Finding What Works for Your Business

These free and paid advertising options are just a few from a sea of many emerging social media platforms, and depending on your target audience and ideal client some options will work better for you than others. The best method is trial and error, learn how to read analytics and determine which platforms and strategies, paid or non, is bringing you the highest return on investment.

Small budget doesn’t have to mean small results if you get creative with your Ad spend, just don’t hesitate to pull the plug on a campaign that is not making the most of your resources. Want to learn how we can help you Advertise on a budget? Get in touch today.

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Top Five: Halal Fast Food Growing Global

Fast food is not a new trend, and for some of the major global chains, neither is halal. Halal fast food is growing, and these top five, American made, major chains have already gotten a head start in serving the growing Muslim populations nationally and internationally.

  1. Halal and Lovin’ It

Gravenhurst Canada - June 12 2014 - A low angle shot of the famous golden arches of the McDonald's sign high above advertising it is open 24 hours. Shot in Gravenhurst Ontario.

Top burger chain McDonalds, which started as a barbeque-transformed simple burger stand in the late 1940’s, has a place in history and fills the stomachs of an impressive 68 million customers daily through 35,000 stores in 119 countries.

McDonalds fails to serve halal fast food in major US, UK and markets however, caters to the cultural and religious norms of other host countries such as India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and in the UAE. There are more than 250 certified Halal locations in India, 300 plus in Malaysia, nearly 250 in Turkey, 160 in Indonesia, over 100 in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, 30 in Pakistan, and 120 in Singapore.

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Attracting the Halal Foodie: Tips For Businesses

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, which also means that the number of Muslim consumers has also drastically increased. The Halal food industry is growing exponentially, which is great news for enthusiastic halal foodies who seek out opportunities to indulge in the freshest and tastiest halal food on the market.

Want to learn more about Halal trends in 2015? Read this.

A younger and more culturally diverse Muslim population has given birth to halal foodies, whom represent a new and lucrative market that has created ample opportunities for brands to increase earning potential while giving a new wave of consumers, Muslim and non, what they love: halal food.

Instead of relying on solely traditional marketing techniques, brands must use creative measures to find their place in the halal foodie world. The Millennials who dominate the halal foodie scene are looking for variety, adventure and above all, a delicious meal. They have been known to pay for quality, even on a budget, and are influenced by the media and their peers.

So as a business, how can you reach the Halal foodie?

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Hot Global Halal Trends in 2015

What does a few food carts in New York, giant food corporations, and leaders in the fashion industry all have in common? They all recognized the need to market to the Muslim consumer and they all market Halal. While Halal is a religious standard for Muslims that represents the necessity of purity in everything that is consumed, halal trends are growing in popularity with non-Muslim consumers and businesses of all sizes.

With a population of 1.6 billion and growing, Muslim consumers make up around a quarter of the global population. With numbers such as these, it is no surprise that businesses are taking lessons in halal so that they can emerge into the expanding Muslim market. Halal food alone is said to generate a staggering over 600 billion dollars, while fashion reaches the 300 billion mark or greater, and the halal travel and tourism industry accounts for more than 140 billion.

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How Major Consumer Brands Are Recognizing Eid Al-Fitr

Year over Year (YOY), the Muslim market is slowly breaking the doors into the mainstream culture both globally and nationally here in the USA.

As digital media convergences with the rise of the engaged Muslim consumer, brands are increasingly recognizing the need to address and craft campaigns to this emerging market, particularly, during the major holiday of Eid Al-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan.

This year, many major brands took it to social media to show they’re appreciation. Here are some great content examples we’ve curated below!

Consumer Brands Recognizing Eid Al-Fitr

Coca Cola (USA)

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.29.50 PM


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Talking About Guidance Residential (Part Two)

By Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo

If someone tells you they’re seeking an Islamic loan to buy a house, their intentions are clearly the best, but they have mistaken the nature of Islamic home finance and the way that homes may be purchased in accordance with the Shariah. Guidance Residential

Firstly, as we discussed in our first talk, lending is an act of charity. If someone lends money to another, they do so without expecting a return of anything more than the principal amount and blessings from Allah. To do otherwise would be to pervert the meaning of charity. Moreover, to earn money on money that is loaned, or riba, is something we all know to be haram.

Guidance Residential, like the other providers of Islamic home finance, is a business; and its success in business is what allows it to continue to provide the Muslim community with Shariah-compliant financing for the purchase of homes. But it is not in the business of lending money, so it does not offer ‘Islamic loans.’

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Pre-purchase Home Inspection – Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

A pre-purchase home inspection forms an important part of the home buying process. But you would be surprised to know that very few people consider it and fewer get it done. It could be because home inspections are time consuming or because they bump up the budget, marginally. Though forgoing an inspection can cut down costs and fast-tracks the process, one cannot deny the fact that it is essential to ensure a safe home ownership. Let us examine a few important areas covered under a home inspection, and why they are necessary.

Keeping an eye on structural issues: 

The life of a building depends upon its structural rigidity. Over a period of time, unattended weak pillars, roofing or walls could give in to stress and collapse, thereby causing injury or a fatal emergency. What could seem to you as a negligible crack on a wall, can be a potential hazard that could bring the roof down. You can do away with all of that by taking the service of home inspection experts. They can spot defects, find the level of damage and at times, can assess the costs involved in bringing the house back to shape. Continue reading

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Why is Guidance Residential the #1 U.S. Islamic Home Financing Provider?

For many working Muslim-Americans, home ownership is something beyond the fulfillment of the quintessential American Dream. It is a major financial investment that must resonate with their faith. A company in this space must not only adhere to Islamic financial principles but also apply it in the modern mortgage market. The answer is a Sharia-compliant home financing company—Guidance Residential.

Guidance Residential entered the Islamic home finance space and quickly became the country’s leading provider of Sharia-compliant home financing owing to the below reasons.

Guidance Residential

  • $3.3 billion financed for Muslim-American homeowners
  • Strict Sharia-compliance — Guidance’s operations are purely focused on Sharia-compliant products and services. Guidance is neither a subsidiary nor an operator of a Riba-based banking institution.
  • Independent Sharia board comprised of notable scholarly authority headed by Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani
  • AMJA endorsement of Guidance’s Declining Balance Co-ownership Program $2 million donated for Muslim-American community initiatives

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