Reach Muslim Consumers. Achieve Your Marketing Goals.

By partnering with the leading Muslim and Islamic websites which meet our high standards, we provide an opportunity for your advertising to reach the highly coveted Muslim online consumer. Start a campaign now and take advantage of the following features and benefits including:

  • We allow display ads of all standard sizes, including rich media, video, and banners
  • Opt-in Email advertising available
  • Maintain control over where your ad gets displayed. Full geo-targeting capabilities (by zip code, city, country, or region)
  • Complete visibility of publishers in network
  • Reach new customers and increase the overall impact of your media dollars
  • Quality Reporting -Muslim Ad Network offers full reporting and analysis ensuring optimum return on investment.

Why Market to Muslims Online?


“Two-thirds of Muslim households make more than $50,000 a year and a quarter earn over $100,000″
“The national average is $42,000. Two-thirds of American Muslims have a college degree, compared with less than half of the general population.”


“Muslim Americans spend about $170 billion dollars on consumer products a year in the U.S., this figure is expected to grow rapidly as the population expands and younger Muslims build careers. Ignoring this group estimated to be about five million to eight million people, and growing fast — would be like missing the Hispanic market in the 1990s.“


“With buying power that’s roughly equal to the state of Indiana, the growing U.S. Muslim population estimated at between 6 million and 8 million people is an attractive segment for marketers.”

“Muslims are more interested than most Americans in seeing advertising that acknowledges them,”

“Muslim-Americans are a neglected market with huge potential for brands that are willing to connect with them.”



“At a time when other large consumer segments are reaching a saturation point, Muslims are a new outlet from which to build a box for future growth”

“Since Muslims are the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, any company that is not considering how to serve them is missing a significant opportunity to affect both its top- and bottom-line growth”

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